Is AoE4 the end for AoE2?

How to you guys think AoE2 will stand after AoE4 is released? How would AoE2 be impacted?

As far as I am know, AoE2 had such a great revival, with lots of tournments and etc. Do you guys think that players will move towards AoE4?

Considering that’s basically the same theme and even civs.

I personally consider buying and playing AoE4 alot but still want to play AoE2. It would sadden me if AoE2 becomes empty or very low populated after AoE4.

Aoe2 will still be the better game over all and im not concerned

Think that’s the fastest I’ve earned that badge


Age of empires 2 will outlive all of us till end of time.


Truly wish for that.

Besides, did any of the big pro-players say anything on this topic?

I don’t think it will be the end of aoe2 because it is clearly a completely new concept.
And TBH I think AOE2 will stay the way more competitive game and aoe4 better suited for casual players.
To ofset this aoe2 will be much more prone to modding, so it will definetely hold the core of it’s community and after some time also the pros will return to aoe2 because of the higher competitiveness.



AoE4 is expensive for a lot of people, it has higher requirements than AoE2 so a lot of player won’t be able to run on their PC, and in the end we don’t even know if it’s good.

Probably a lot of people are gonna stick to aoe2, maybe even new people are going to know about it and replace some of the players that are going to play AoE4


I hope, both games will be supported by different developers.

It’s good to have AOE2 supported and up-to-date. But I wish AOE2 multiplayer and esports challenges were replaced by AOE4.

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Here it is truly expensive and many of my friends won’t buy it first hand.

I myself won’t buy it, but will play it with gamepass.

I think the same about competitive gameplay, think that AoE4 will be way more casual, but that we will see. I think AoE2 is much better on that point since the civs aren’t assimetrical like AoE4, so you can learn different styles of gameplay without losing a core basis, in AoE4 every civ is so different and unique I’d say it would be way harder to learn different playstiles.

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Whether AOE4 is the end for AOE2 is not a matter of concern at all.

Those who want to stick to the old gameplay and old graphics can stick to playing AOE2. The existence of AOE4 does not impact them in any way.

Those who like AOE4 can now play AOE4.

Personally I am disappointed that they didn’t make it more like AOE3.

I will continue to play AOE3 the most, followed by AOE4 every now and then. If they had incorporated more elements of AOE3 in AOE4, then the latest one would have been #1 for me.

AOE2 is pointless for me now, personally speaking.


I had my doubts before we saw anything, now I have even bigger doubts. AoE2 will never be dethroned

No way in hell. Aoe2 is too much of an established brand to just die only because aoe4 comes out.

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Yet here you are commenting in a aoe2 forum.


I sorted the community posts by “NEW” and came across this thread. I did not come looking for an AOE2 forum, nor was I even aware that this was posted in an AOE2 forum. I clicked on the thread because it concerned AOE4, and as an AOE4 beta participant I am interested in threads concerning AOE4.

Why are AOE2 fans so sensitive when someone doesn’t value that particular iteration of the franchise as high as the other versions?

We got it, satyr.
Some concerns are justified, as aoe2 has been part of the live of people from their childhood.

You should have put up your original response.
Btw im too old to be sensitive like a aoe4 player :wink:

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AOE4 has been in beta for less than a week. There are no sensitive AOE4 players as yet.

A person who uses a “No, you!” argument is not a mature person. How old you are is determined by the maturity of your response, not your physical age :slightly_smiling_face:

A Troll is also not a mature person.
Since we are all big kids, let’s enjoy it! :wine_glass: :cocktail: :tropical_drink: :wine_glass: :champagne:

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Probably AoE4 will be the end of AoE2 DE, but not from day one… It will depend on the succes on release and the balance of the game

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Several aoe2 pros who have tested aoe4 all stand by 2 being the better game


True. But clearly I was not trolling. Unless AOE2 players consider any minor criticism of AOE2 as trolling, in which case, I must withdraw from such company :slightly_smiling_face: