Is Honed Blades for Delhi a castle age tech ? Tech tree says its Imperial but I can research it in Castle age with a HUGE research time!

Basically title. In the tech tree Honed Blades is an Imperial Age tech. But in a game I played, I could access it in Castle age (in Update 8324) . See screenshots below.

And this is from the tech tree:

What’s going on?


Build: 5.0.8324.0
Observed behavior: the Honed Blades technology, in Delhi’s House of Learning, is shown in the tech tree as an Imperial Age technology, and it’s research time is being multiplied by 15, as per the new patch. However, the technology is (and always has been) available in the Castle Age.
Expected behavior: Honed Blades would either be a Castle Age technology, both in the tech tree, and in-game, and it would have a time multiplier of 5x, or it would not be available until the Imperial Age.


Noticed it as well, and shows the balance team did increase the tech times just looking at the tech tree, not knowing that honed blades is available earlier…

It should be treated as a castle tech and the multiplier therefore reduced.

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I believe there’s a fix coming to move this into Age 3 in the Tech Tree. Thanks for the report!

Thank you… hopefully it will have the normal research times and not 22 min 30 seconds.

I have a solution for you guys:
Imeprial research time from 15x research time to 5x research time.
Don’t thank me you’re welcome :wink: