Is it known if RoR can have more than 17 civs?

I want to know if mods for RoR are limited to the 45 civ limit of AoE2 or the 17 of RoR.

Ps I saw another post that is more than a year old that asks the same question, but it has no responses.

Unfortunately, the limit of civilizations in ROR is 17 (corresponding to the official number of civilizations in that data set).
Hope someday that limit wil be increased to be the same as Aoe2DE counterpart, for better modding ability.


I imagine that the developers have not yet unlocked that option because, perhaps, in the future they will add content to continue making the game profitable. On the other hand, I don’t remember where I read that according to the developers they no longer planned to add new content, so if that’s true, I don’t see any reason why they don’t unlock more modding options. I also have the hypothesis that maybe they will release a new version of the game such as a 3D AOE2:DE or another remake where they may include new content and leave the DE as they left the HD, leaving it without options to be able to make major modding as long as we buy a hypothetical “new version”. I hope I’m wrong and soon release more options for modding

If someone copies all the data from RoR to Aoe2 DE and leave the UI as it should be able to go up to 45 civis in theory.