Is it possible to create "packaged buildings" or is it a coded option?

In the scenario editor there is a unit that is a cart that transforms into an towncenter
I’ve looked at that unit in the AGE3 editor and it’s a: building/packaged unit.

I’ve tried to make a unit that does the same thing but unpacks another building but simply “unpacking” the unit gives the error that the building is clogged.

I’ve already tried to copy all the properties and it won’t let me. Is this option something coded, or what am I doing wrong?

I currently have 4 unpackable buildings in my mod, you have to ensure that each unpackable building follows the structure of the TC as it is a combination of several units. The first must be a zero collision building and uses a stack building with no collision and at least 1 anex building with collision.

Thank you for I made it happen.
I have another question. I see you make packed stables. I have managed to make military buildings packaged like barracks but the barracks units do not appear to train them, how do you make it so that in your unpacked stables stable units are trained? I have the idea of the barracks and stables with a technology being upgraded to the new unarmed unit, but I don’t know if it works.

you have to configure it so that the units train from the ‘stack unit’ building I believe.