Is it possible to replace civ theme music in DE for modding?

Hi, I want to replace some civ theme music for my mod(because my mod has different civs).

I know there is a folder called wwise, but there are .pck files and I don’t know what I can do with it.

Can someone help?

In short, yes it is possible to change the civ theme for every civ. The easiest way to do this is to create a local mod under /drs/sounds, create a new sound in something like audacity and export the sound as .wav. Then using wwise, you create a project, import the .wav, then convert the wav to .wem. Import the .wem to drs/sounds mod folder for your mod, import the mod in the game, restart the game and the .wem will be triggered when your game starts with that civ.

Please note that the .wem file needs to have the specific name of the civ theme you want to play, this is why you need the excel file with the civ theme name listed. If you google aoe2de sound modding you can find a steam page with some good info, and I think an older excel document. Using wwise, you can find a good youtube video showing how to convert wav to wem, and you can search existing mods in the mod center for sound mods, this way you can easily copy the mod file structure and edit the necessary files needed to publish a mod.

StepS has a guide for it on Steam: Steam Community :: Guide :: Audio Modding Guide - AoE2DE

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