Is it possible to spawn 2 more units automatically after I kill 1 unit?

Hello guys, I want to do a challenge that everytime i kill a enemy unit, it will spawn 2 more random enemy units automatically at the same place where the 1 enemy unit been killed. I found it’s impossible to do so with trigger in scenario editor.
(can i use xs script to create unit in a script call? )

Any idea on how to achieve this, like mod or other ways?

xs cannot do that,it is impossible to reach it so you had better give up.

not sure about xs script, but u can use both dead unit and blood unit as the spawn unit 1 and 2. then further edit unit 1 and 2 to spawn back to the original unit thus loops and units will keep on increasing and never end.

you could store an X number of garrisoned unit in the enemy, which have 0 hp. When the enemy dies this units are released and instantly die. You could than set their deadunit to be your desired enemy.
Of course than you need a loop trigger to add garrisoned unit to the enemies.