Is it worth the price?


Good points, although I don’t agree with all of them…I still think there are some fair criticisms. Devs/publishers should watch this video.


I think it’s worth it.


Completely agree with the video

now just wait for the “if you don’t like it ,don’t buy it” comments, that love to stop any criticism towards the game lol.


he cries about the arrows, something only noticeable if you slow the footage down really low, otherwise you would never notice :joy:


It shows more so the general work ethic of the developers. It isnt too hard to lign up the bow with arrow. Heck just increasing the starting hight with a few numbers will do a fine enough trick.

You want a 60 dollar game to have quality. This doesnt speak quality and who knows what else might be wrong if something pretty simple as arrow allignment is wrong. The total lack of actual gameplay footage and not eye candy “gameplay” is also worrying. Id like to see more gameplay footage and just more information in general.

Isnt the game going to be released in like 4 months? We only had like 2 trailers.


few minor issues, if gameplay and pathfinding work fine, are not considered part of quality issues within the industry. even if they are an easy fix.

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Even now after the numerous hd and de versions of AoE II and III there are still pathfinding problems.

In AoE III they are pretty much able to make you lose the game.

I have played Company of Heroes II from Relic and while being fun the pathfinding was also idiotic often.

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Considering that pre-orders are open and people are expected to pay money already, I’d like more released gameplay as well.
In fact, if I’m not mistaken the only actual gameplay so far was seen during the xbox extended showcase and was rather quite limited.


yes, exactly. WHich is what I mean. we didnt have any gameplay scene that could have even shown IF pathfinding works. But assuming they are still fixing that, I would rather have a useful AI/Pathfinding than any minor bug being fixed like the arrow “issue”.

I know its not easy to except but nowadays anAA Game for full price may very well havve some bugs which are not fixed because that would take too much time.

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Thats the thing the arrow bug shouldnt take more then 10 minutes to fix. The arrow is created from the unit so it should be very easy to just change the y-as number of the creation position.

And for 60 dollars I expect these small bugs to get patched out before release. Thats why I dont pre order and thats why I wait for others to first play it. I am not planning on spending 60 dollars on bugs that are easily fixed. If they dont want to spend time on it I dont want to spend time in their game.

from my personal expeerience, I would say its almost NEVER as easy as it seems with programming :smiley:
but these are generally the kind of bugs fixed later, because they are smaller ones. Even a beta build would include such. But I see why you would wait and not preorder if such bugs bother you at 60€


So you want to buy a bugfree game? Have you even played video games before, there are always bugs at release, your expectations are way too high


I think accepting companies to release bug heavy games as a norm needs to be stopped. We as consumers need to put the pressure on companies to actually release proper products instead of unpolished stuff and hope it gets fixed anywhere from 1 week to 1 year down the line. Which makes no sense. I want to enjoy the game for what it was meant to be not whatever compromise I have to make.

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Now with games being downloaded, it is really easy for developers to release games with bugs and then just release patches that have to be downloaded before the game can be played. That’s what they do on steam


No game even after release is bug-free.



no building ever realistically crumbles into a million lego-sized pieces.

Bigger chunks is more accurate


What evidence is there that it is a bug heavy game? You see one bug and that makes it bug heavy?


Listening the video and i’m pretty agree with him. This game seems not ready to be released soon, imho. And this guy shows the main issues which have been discussed on this forum, starting by me.
I said there were some improvements in the last video gameplay but there’s a lot of work to do. Unit models are the First Ones that should be remade. water, Ships, animations and Building sizes too.
Terrains are good.

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The fact that maybe in aoe2 DE units could literally go through walls on release… or the fact that Aoe3 DE had an update that removed personal files from your computer -
But yeah go on, pre-order