Is my laptop powerful enough to run AOE 2 DE?

The game is taking really long to load and is barely playable even on low settings, am I missing anything?

My Configuration is as follows:

**CPU : ** Intel Core i3 5005U
**RAM : ** 4 GB
**Operating System : ** Windows 10 64 bit

**Dedicated & Integrated Graphics: **

I’d say the main things likely holding you back are your CPU and RAM. This game is quite inefficient with respect to memory usage and (in)famously only runs on one core. That is going to hurt. Hopefully more optimization will happen in the future, but as of now it looks like your specs are nowhere near good enough.


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According to the official minimum specs you should be able to run the game, but they are a lie. 4GB RAM is unfortunately too few to run the game in its current state. On the bright side, you can expect a big update coming this month that promises to correct many of the performance issues, as well as some improvements. Stay tuned!


The 2 gigs of VRAM is a bottleneck. It may not be hurting as much on the lowest settings, but most I’ve seen recommend at least 4.

I could play gta V at low/med settings, thats what surprising me the most.

I could play gta v on this very same laptop.

I am planning to upgrade memory to 8 gb and see how it does

I can run Battlefield 4 on Ultra, mostly without lag (a bit on the intros) and yet I get 40 fps with UHD.

No surprises here, but I hope the update will fix most of the wrong things

Probably not, sorry.
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is your laptop powerful enough?
am I missing something?]
but good luck!