Is my laptop powerful enough to run AOE 2 DE?

Game Version:

  • Bought today
  • Steam


Im citing this topic:

My laptop is similar.
Was the update already released?
Citing dededoritos, its the 4gb ram still a lie?

If you’re used to playing modern games on very low resolution with your laptop, you should be able to play AOE2DE on lowest settings just fine.

I strongly wouldnt recommend 4 gb ram + integrated graphics (takes video memory from system memory, which already is low); 8 gb is needed. But best is to buy it and try it for yourself and refund if it isnt the expected.

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This is the worst way to play AOE2 DE especially

Just played a multiplayer Black Forest game 2vs2 with intel HD 530, 90 FPS at start and low 30 FPS in post imp with 200 pop and big fights, RAM usage was 7,5GB with only the game opened.

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