Is nobody else concerned about the population limit?

In my opinion they should use a method similar to BFME 2 for the maximum population to avoid lag. You set the maximum population that you can have in the map (1600), if you play with 8 players, all player start with a maximum of 200, but as soon as a player is eliminated the population cap increases (for example to 220) up to the point that when you remain 1vs1 you can have a population of 300 or more


Now that’s a good catch, totally missed the detail when the cavalry unit was created. Then maybe they will return to the nice 1 unit = 1 population cost, while keeping the limitation for some special units like in AoE III? For example, you can create a maximum of 6 elephants -in the trailer they look so op- and so.

They have shown a lot of things in the fan preview, but there’s still a lot to know.

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Yeah, as @SalamanderRobot catched, seems that cavalry and siege engines still cost 1 population, so that’s nice.

Anyways, I really hope there will be the possibility to tweak the population limit beyond 200 as you say. I’m really used to clash with huge armies in AoE II Definitive.

this idea seems quite logical. I hope the developers are inspired by such ideas


BFME2 was one of my favorite games and I still play it from time to time

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The lag depends on how the game runs on CPU :slight_smile:
I could play easily with 500 units in AoE2:DE if it wasn’t single-threaded

And with good GPU and CPU, it should be no problem in 4


We have confirmation of 1600 max population in the map, which means a maximum of 200 per player, and most probably with some units taking 2, 3, 4 or even more (¿elephants?) population points

It is confirmed that each unit takes only 1 Population.

Friendly reminder that AoE1 launched with a pop cap of 50, and only got support for 200 in RoR. AoE2 launched with a default performance target of 75 pop per player, but allowed custom settings up to 200 for those with computers/internets that could handle it. AoE3 had 200 pop cap, but with units taking different amounts of pop the actual number on field was significantly lower.

When AoE4 sets a performance target of 200 pop per player, with every unit being 1 pop, it has by far the highest unit support out of any mainline AoE release so far. It boggles the mind that people can read this as worrying.


You have to keep in mind that a lot of RTS players don’t have very strong gaming PCs. I do think capping the pop is the best way to have everyone enjoy the game whithout too much lag even if their PC isn’t the strongest.

Yeah this is a really good point.

Can you attach a source for this?

I hope they increase the pop cap. This is the most anticipated feature for me.


In complement to my previous post, SOTL showed this clip with the mass relic conversion and the pop update (info which is not in the official trailer… so SOTL got a special version).

The conversion makes the pop jump from 13 to 60 and it seems to me that they are indeed 47 units converted between the two following shots (only foot soldiers and cavalry).

200 units are enough.


No one is playing Aoe2de with 200 pop lol
300 is the standard, and you can go up to 500
No sure what you are trying to say


Um, no, 200 is the standard. I see 250 and 300 but not more than 200. We are talking about standard games here, not diplo maps or scenarios


Uhm what? Ranked is 200 fixed in AoE2DE and most of the custom lobbies are 200 - 250. Why do people want control over such an amount of units? You cant even properly manage such an amount efficiently.


I play 500 when I just want to have massive battles and watch my PC chug

For competitive play a population cap is absolutely neccesary, otherwise the game will lack balance. A 200 cap will also make the gameplay a lot faster, because instead of building an army for a long time you will have more fighting and rebuilding.


I hope at least it’s an optional thing. I like to have large armies in skirmish matches. I use a mod in Age of Mythology to have a huge population and it’s so fun to me that way. The AI typically doesn’t understand that but I make them mostly late boomers to attack me later on and play defensively against me, and then I charge in and defend against them all against me.

While i’m not concerned with a 200 limit I hope mods can adjust this.