Is Obuch OP or just how good infantry should be?

as for the title: the Obuch is OP and need nerfs or is just how strong an infantry UU should be to make it viable?

cause to me, it’s pretty much a powerhouse of a unit, completely overshines serjeants for example, but i do not see that much complain about Obuch so i’m curious to know more about this topic


How infantry should be.

Everyone cried about Obuch being OP, but to me it was clear it was just a test from the devs to see how a seemingly broken infantry unit would perform. It didn’t perform any better than WW, Jans or Organs did, so they buffed all other infantry units.


Well a clear counter to obuch are archers so they got weaknessess or hc and for their melee capacity they perform just right


They are perfectly balanced.


Would say that but its visable how they perform vs champs for example and they still loose to boyars and tk

And that ca or arbs can counter them in a mass

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They dont lose to boyar though. This has been proven. Equal resources obuch win



Oh yea i forgot well the powerlevel is obviously their mass capacity and their armor shred but i think arbs and ca would work just fine against them

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And civs without good archers? Also obuch + skirm is dirt cheap and will shred archers.

Depends if they have hc or not i guess

Also yea thats true but i think they did a mistake in only upping their creation time and not their cost

Which is where i stand. The unit is too strong for its cost.

Also the op is falling into tge same problem he always does. Comparing unirs to each otgef in a vacuum without regards to the fact that uu are also balanced arounf their civ.


I mean i dont know their current cost but i think they changed the creation time to 13 but the way i see it is 650 stone for a castle 3 or 4 archery ranges supass most comps

Also @MatCauthon3 do you think they should adjust their bs techtree or maybe adjust their armor aswell?

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I dont know wheee to begin with poles. I think they need changes but i tgink the design concept of a civ with "medium cavalry " is great.

But it feels more like a slachta privillege has a too high cost counting cavalary upgrades and bs in it so lets just spam obuch

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Like i said. I think thry need tweaks, but the philosophy is grwat. It makes them different

Think the 800f 600g upgrade cost need to be increased. The current poles can smash goths. But I don’t think it can overshine sergeant in all situations as sergeant tank arrows so much better

The current cost of obuch is 50 food and 20 gold i think a 10/15 bump might help

Also not to mention like you said they good a good cav philosophy with schlachta privillege and lechtich legacy

I agree, they are totally broken. But I have mostly resigned from complaining about broken things. Maybe other too and that’s why it’s silent?

More than Obuch thought, pokey folwsrk need nerf. Less instant food and instead garrison space. Also less, gold from stone.

IF the eco is normalised, Obuch might be ome justified on its current state


I can see why obuch is 55food 20g
Coz they have everything weak vs archer civs
So they need some compensation in uu