Is someone repeatedly calling GG for you even if you have a chance to come back a reportable offense?

I found the individual really toxic so I just reported him for verbal abuse, in hindsight that may have been too much, but he just got on my nerves, and I’m not easily salted, especially since most people in the community are really nice


Just reading between the lines in your question… you did lose the game right? He may have been correct and you were irredeemably behind. and in my experience “GG” “GG” “GG” “GG” doesn’t come over the course of one or two minutes, but ten minutes of dragging on a seriously lost position.

I’m not saying its fine for him to call GG for you, but take a look at your game and see if there is any good evidence he had for why it was over. what was he seeing? when the game looks like that, you need to start really considering resigning.

Typically if you have an active plan for how you’re going to turn things around you shouldn’t resign. But if you run out of feasible ideas you should resign.

I think he’s on 1 TC and I have been replacing all the vills he’s killed, and moved my eco to secondary and neutral resources so his castle drop hasn’t really “killed” me. I’ll raid his main base and then clear his castle when he comes back home.

I’ve lost all the land production buildings and all my vills, but I’ve got 30 warships sailing around and he doesn’t have any docks. I’ll just kill all his dock attempts and survive for a while longer.

He’s pushing down the middle with very heavy gold army. He’s double my KD, but He’s going to run out of gold soon, even though he’s gaining ground. Once it hits trash stage I’ve got an advantage, so I’ll die slowly, rebuild several extra production buildings at the back of my base, and then kill him with my stockpiled gold once he’s wasted all of his.

He’s killing me. But I’m not dead yet. Sooo… I’ll stone wall and try to survive longer.

Your opponent cannot really know if you have an active plan, and announcing that you have a plan is not your job. But if you’re way far behind and not actively working on a plan you really should resign.

Also, knowing how you died will help you know what to do to other people. “Win Condition”.


Happens every now and then. I just ignore that and concentrate on winning. He`s giving me even more chances by wasting his time spamming the chat

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Yeah I get what you are saying, I did lose in the end, but I was in a position to “come back”, at the moment he started spamming GG I had 3 castles, a lot of military and all my vills were alive, he hadn’t killed a single one of them, so I didn’t even need to “come back” from anything, the only thing he did is destroying one of my 4 castles 11, that’s what really annoyed me, if I was really dead I could understand, but I wasn’t (at the moment, I died later 11) it took him 30 more in game minutes to get me in a position I couldn’t really come back.
I mean, even if your opponent is dead and refusing to resign, unless he actively walls vills and is annoying (which is toxic itself) I would say spamming GG is toxic…
I also dislike the fact that the thing being said is “GG”, I would rather prefer if he said “come on, you are dead”, saying GG for me is supposed to always be something genuine, not used to tell your opponent they are dead in a sarcastic manner.

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10 years ago when the GG, GL, HF culture started. Only the loser should / could say GG first then the winner either reply GG or WP. The winner can say WP first but he can’t say GG first or its rude.

Since the community got larger and larger, many people dont know or care about if they should say GG according to the situation. Anyway, GG ( Good Game ) is a positive word, accept it by it’s definition so you wouldn’t get mad. Personally I always say you’re welcome when somebody thank me for doing something bad, I don’t care if he will get mad or what.

Well he clearly wasn’t saying it genuinely, since he started calling me things like “loser” and saying “just resign already” and then continued spamming GG in the following minutes (all while still playing normally)
The GG WP culture is still how you described it 99% of the time, that’s why it pisses me off when someone uses it to be toxic, then it becomes an oxymoron, while using GG to be toxic, it loses it’s meaning, since toxic games are not “good” games for all players (quite the opposite)

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If someone ggs for me, then I just gg back making them think I will resign any seconds but actuslly go into try hard or vill hiding mode.

Who knows, once in a hundred games a feitorias build in the corner actually comes back

Case by case basis.

Post the rec and we can judge.

Generally speaking, if you have lost the game and there is no realistic chance if you coming back, ie, you are hoping he will delete his entire army or economy, it is you who is BMing him by wasting his time. You also are wasting yours too, there is no need to stay in a game that has ended. Accept the defeat and move on, you might just win back those points in that one match you can have in the 15 mins you would be hiding villagers otherwise.

Honestly reporting someone with just bad manners or not enough sportsmanship/fair play for verbal abuse seems really like shooting missiles at flies.

Offensive GG’s are sanctioned by the developers. Afterall, we have 105.

I think it’s quite clear. If you say GG you have to resign.
Saying GG without resigning is clearly an unsportsmanlike conduct.

The glhf ggwp culture died with the release of DE. Both have become meaningless in DE. The enemy almost never says GG anymore and I noticed I also stopped calling it. I just resigned in most games nowaday. The glhf ggwp culture is become something of the past.

It can only bevome something of the past if its adherents entertain thoughts like those. If you stop saying it, then yes it will die. Instead, if you really care for this tradition you should continue to observe it, even if few people respond accordingly. But you’ll find that there are plenty of people out there who give a really positive response to you saying glhf - especially since it seems to become more rare.

And we’ll just ignore people who think that cordiality is weakness


Saying GG is healthy, as you recognize the good play of your opponent.
So everybody who values his own mind should actually do it.
Humans tend to seek for excuses if they are confronted with their own flaws and it’s actually very helpful to don’t let you come to the situation where you have to trick yourself. Acknowledge the performance of your opponents and you don’t get confronted with your own fallibility and stay healthy.

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Spamming or even stating gg at the start or middle of the game to tell your opponent to resign is toxic af, but I also know other gaming communities such as gokgs’s go(board game) player base say gg at the start of the game and think it polite

Spamming it when it is clearly not even close to being over or saying 40 minutes into the game that you’re wasting their precious time or that they or you lost at ‘minute 10’) I find such behaviour toxic af.

This behaviour seems to be pretty rampant in the 1k-1.2k elo ranges - I come across way too many salty players calling our games boring to play against only for them to lose or win if they play right and if they lose they become extremely salty and say the game wasn’t enjoyable at all and if they win they become extremely toxic and gloat stupidly. And even if they lose they just call the way I play ‘stupid’ and ‘unenjoyable’. I find such players toxic and unfun to play against.

It really shouldn’t be, just ignore them and try come back. There’s no way one could be offended by something so simple.


TBF @HealFortress
You play extremely defensive style, that kind of 1000-1200 player who just learned how to scout rush the AI and thinks he is the greatest and must win with it on the ladder really hates to play against.
There are just a bunsh of these type of players at that elo range that can’t stand losing against defensive playstyle and get salty. I mean we frequently see them complaining in the forums aswell.
What they can’t see is that they are still not very experienced and lack on a lot of basic skills and you would be around 1600-1800 if you played meta.

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It would take a good amount of practice to get my attention to split between the offense and eco management without faltering on both, but I appreciate your generous scaling of my ability

Currently my early-game offense ability is still around 800 elo

I mean, to be honest, your playstyle would probably annoy me as well. Unless I’m playing Poles. Then I might just throw the game by playing farming simulator for most of the game.

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