Is TC's bell behaviour changed?

I usually force droping food from herdables or hunt under TC using the bell. I never had a problem with it, but since the last update when I ring the bell and quickly “unring” it the vils ignore this signal and cuntinue going to TC to garrisone.
Is this a change or a bug?

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Not sure if it is changed, but ringing the bell is considered a bad thing in most cases. Which is true in this case as well.

I would to suggest to unlearn this behaviour and manually select the food vills only and drop off their food only.

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Just garrison vills. They drop off res when garrisoned

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Ringing bell worked fine to me until last patch. If is the best habbit or not is not the issue. If is an intended change or a bug is the important thing

If this is true, then now would be the perfect opportunity to stop ringing it. Stopping all your villagers on wood and berries is so bad for your economy. Just select all your hunters, then press Ctrl+2 to set them to a control group. Then you can switch between your scout on control group 1 and hunters on 2. Force dropping food is as simple as pressing 2 and clicking the TC.

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Why should I change something that worked fine to me? I know how to replace the mechanic, that is not the problem. I supose that it will be more useful just report the bug. Thanks all anyway.

You put all your villagers in garison to get food faster ? It is more a waste of time than an economy of time…
But to answer your question, I didn’t notice any change.

April Patch BETA issue - Age of Empires II: DE / II - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum

Are you on PUP?

Thanks! No, i’m not on the PUP

Is just a milisecond that doesn’t impact in the eco… If it works well of course… And makes my experience more confortable… just that

Every second of idle time counts. If you ring the bell every time you force drop food, you could easily be 1 villager behind by the end of dark age. Ok, if it was only the hunters affected then it wouldn’t be so bad. But your wood cutters and berries foragers all start walking back to the TC when you ring the bell too. Check your recorded games on CaptureAge app. I bet you have a ton of idle villager time in dark age. Dark age is the least stressful part of the game. You have tons of extra time to scout your base, decide your strategy and micro your villagers, because you’re not being attacked and you don’t need to multi task as much. Even if you’re luring deer, you still have time to force drop, so there really is no reason to ever ring the bell. It’s better to idle your scout while force dropping food than ring the bell. Unless you’re not interested in getting good at the game. In which case, you don’t need to bother with hotkeys or shift queuing tasks either, just mouse click everything.

Short answer: I’m not try hard, don’t care about a little idle time. I was confort with a mechanic that crashed because an update. Just that… no need overthinking about it


Half a second mutiplied by the number of villagers. You do it 10 times and you lose five precious seconds. To that you add all the seconds you lose elsewhere…

In the end it’s a minute.

And don’t be surprised if someone points out your mistake. That’s how we progress)

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That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that approach if you don’t intend to be a competitive player. I only replied because you said it “doesn’t impact the eco”, when it clearly does. But you’ve clarified now, so no worries.


I realised tc bell is global now? Previously only affect an area now all tcs on the whole map garrisons on bell

Why so exagerate? I only force drop food barely 2, or 3 times and again, is just miliseconds… Vils in wood don’t walk not even 1 tile…

First, is not a mistake, is choise, I know the “risk” but I like this way. And second, only one person understood the topic and give a correct answer. I don’t want to be ungrateful and maybe my idle times aren’t perfect, but dude, some people’s text comprehension in this forum are really bad.

Wow… that is a bad news I think…

The bell has always affected all TCs on the whole map. Villagers only didn’t garrison if they were too far away from the TC or if the TC was full.


I just tested it. No the Town bell does not effect all TCs on the map. It seems like the town bell lets all villagers in a 24 tile radius around the TC try to garrison.

If a villager is 24 tiles away and other TC 30 tiles, the villiger will also try to garrison in the TC were the bell was rang that is 24 tiles away and not in the closer TC. Also TCs within the 24 tile radius do not extend the radius (but such will be used for garrison). This makes the Bell actually rather useful, because it means that only the endangered parts of the town try to garrison and not everything.

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Hi, 'im having this problem today apr 12, i don’t know it this is because i’m brazilian (late update), but i was used to use it too.

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