Is the game worth it now?

Hello, I wanted to know if the game is worth it right now with the number of players it has in the ranks. If it takes a long time to find a ranked game, since I don’t know if enough people play the game now or not.
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Normally 5000-14k players depending on the time and day on steam. Not sure how many on xbox live.

Round 1-2mins takes to join a game

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still beta after 1 year, next year maybe worth


If playing ranked is part of your incentive to get the game, then yes it’s in a good state. Some players don’t like the current ranked map pool but you do get up to three vetoes. Unless you’re at the top or the bottom of the ladder, it generally doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to find a match (at least in 1v1 and 2v2).

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It is not worth playing at the moment.
It needs basic features, graphic improvements, unit combat animations, and lots of balance changes.


In the UK it’s £23.44 on Steam at the moment in the sale, I’d say it’s definitely worth that price.

Queue times will depend on your rank, i.e. whether you’re in a densely populated MMR range. My own experience is that during the day I can solo queue and get a team game pretty quickly, within a minute or two, for either ranked or quick match. I haven’t played that many games yet, so am currently only around 1200 ELO, but during the day at that level it seems to quickly find a game where everyone is reasonably close to my ELO. Playing in the early hours of the morning it can struggle a bit more and I’ve had a couple of games where 1 player was maybe 150 higher ELO than the other 3 in a 2v2 game, and that team easily won as a result.

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Totally worth it. With the sale it’s a steal.

I never wait longer than a couple minutes.

You’ll have a few people here tell you the game is terrible. Take a look at their comment history and you’ll see most of them do nothing but spew negativity about anything and everything.

Try the game on game pass for yourself before you decide if you are unsure.


NOT WORTHY. the game still in beta after 1 year. It was when the game was on huge discount but at that price not much…

I would say wait till it goes on sale

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Is the attackmove still unfixed? Do archers still prioritise attacking buildings before units?
If one of these questions can be answered with yes, then the game is still in beta state and not worth to play.

I really enjoy this game, I’ve had a lot of fun with it


its hard to conclude from my point of view, but if you’re someone new to RTS, you’ll find a lot to like and love in aoe4, don’t let us elders of genre get to you with criticism, your experience with this game will be very different to ours, you don’t know how og games did things probably, and we came in incentivized to take shots at every tiny flaw we came across, even if the flaw wasn’t even a flaw but rather developer not doing exactly what we, the elders, wanted but instead their own thing

Long story short, if you never played AOE before, or even RTS genre as a whole, by all means, give aoe4 a shot, especially if a new RTS is smt you prefer, if you’re someone new to RTS, you’re in for a great time with aoe4 due to game constantly adding in tricks you never knew would be of use (sometimes i wish i could relearn aoe2 and 3 like i did back in the day as a kid, it was that same feeling i’m describing above)


I’m afraid that he would get dissapointed by the amount of civs that still need a rework and the ai if he goes for sp first

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my belief is our past experience, lots of it, makes us preincentevized to spot things of that nature that a brand new casual player wouldn’t notice or be meaningfully effected by, the key reason we’re bothered by it is due to us having seen it done differently, and we’re using that as a baseline to compare the new thing to, while doing checks on everything thats there and isn’t, aoe2 and 3 didn’t have all the tricks that they do now right away (they both had an editor tho and mods day 1 so no excuse there)
us elders are here to ensure those new unaware players end up having better experience, lets remember neither of us would notice civ inbalance, design errors, and weaker AI when we started out

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Well that, and also, for some people, just being completely unreasonable and unpleasant…


I wish the past experience in aoe 4 release was the actual reason but the experience that they want to play comparing to other rts they may played. even on features and gamemodes lacks aoe 4

All units attack units in preference to buildings. If there are no units to attack within some distance, they’ll attack buildings. This is similar to AoE 2 DE, as I recall from when I last played it.


In aoe3, if you had an archer for example, he’d ALWAYS prioritise units in his WHOLE attackrange and only if there were no units, he’d attack buildings.
In aoe4 there can be units in the middle of his attackrange (as it feels) and the stupid archer will attack buildings.
This is bull****

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would like to comment, but i’ll do some clear research first to get some data

definitely worth it. lots of players, short queue times, devs still heavily supporting it with constant updates and future content on the way

i only got back into the game five months ago, and some people are still stuck on how bad the game was on release(over a year ago), but its much better now.

that being said, this forum specifically has a number of trolls and alt accounts that exist to degrade the game. i think the aoe4 sub on reddit is a healthier place to communicate