Is the new Arabia a joke?

3 woodlines around the TC
Can anyone tell me what’s the point they making the pounds in two of the woodlines, making them nearly useless to gather?

It’s totally just constraining players choices and make the game much more boring of such design.

Even my opponent’s map is shitty like me


Yeah I don’t like current Arabia generation a bit.

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At least map generarion is the same for both player so is actually equally bad for both


This is the legacy Arabia generation :smile: I think its one of the rare generations. Anyways what do you mean by constraining choices and boring design - if you have good woodlines you’re always going to wall with a few feudal units and hit castle age. How’s that less boring and more flexibility with choices? I agree that map shouldn’t always be like this, but when generations are mixed, civ picking becomes less obvious, as there’s no obvious meta civ.


The point I said about constraining players choice is that tower rush or aggressive play style is forced in such map. Imagine there’s a tower put behind the 1P woodline above, it’s totally ruined its future development as the other sides woodlines are so less to gather.
Players has no choices to choose the woodline, archers is not considered as the volumne of wood is not enough to support in Castle age.

This pounds are not affecting the walling style at all, it’s occupying the original woodline only.

actually, the above screen capture, 1P is in South, 2P is in North.
considering in a higher hand aspect, 2P at least has 1 back main woodline + 1 back side woodline he can take.
While 1P is totally rely on the front woodline to get which is not fair at all.

But anyway, I am not talking about fairness of such map arrangment, my question is:
“What’s the point of making 2 pounds inside the woodline intentionally to ruin the players experience”

True and you can do the same to your opponent as well. It just means deer pushing, walling meta is no longer the safer option. You might have to do a pre-emptive tower, add an outpost, do town watch or produce more feudal units and tower their wood/stone. And imagine the other way around. You have 4 good woodlines, you’re walled and your opponent tries to do a tower rush. No matter how good their build is, its more likely to fail.

Its the same difference between even more closed maps like Yucatan and Arabia. It simply means you have to start adding military earlier and expand your base.

And again I’m not saying that all maps should become like this. But its ok to have a mixed set of generations if this happens like 5-10% of the time.

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Ponds and bullshit hills are ruining Arabia. Often times you can’t place a single TC in a desired location because mines are all on the hills.

I miss Runestones. That’s the better Arabia.

And right now they plan to making highlands surrounding the main TC
not only because I am in a disadvantages if i defend, but also there’s nearby no space for me to build the TC.
which forcing me to do the “All in” in this game.

The developers are really disgusting of changing and changing the Arabia of the whole few years.


What’s that TC mod?

20 characters

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Totally agree. The diversity of generations of Arabia currently makes it pleasant to play, sometimes aggressive, sometimes mixed, sometimes Closed.

Not long ago it was just boring with only Walls and Third Age games every generation.


Yes, I dont like one of the patches before that people can easily full way in every game.

It shouldnt be easy to make a balance map, I dont know why they have to make it so extreme.

I think it’s “Dark age town centre [KOBVH]”

We need two variants of arabia one for 1x1 and the other for team games, arabia used to be my fav map to play on team games, but now it is cancerous experience, specially playing it with random civs, there is no fun on that map anymore, it is about super tight BO’s to reach feudal age, low eco, big archer numbers, gain hills and make damage, the worst map generation on each side will define the outcome 80% of the times.

Arabia was known for having diversity on strategies and civilization, but now if you get spanish or bulgarians as flank you are ded or if you get an eagle civ as pocket, but the main problem is the map generation, it doesn’t offer any single advantage for defensive play style as you need to invest more on walls and towers, but as the maps are so wide open they can just go the pkt and damage his economy cause his base will be as fragile as the rest of the team, me as solo player whenever i get a low ally i just see them dying too fast no matter their positions and when i am playing with 2k players it is about to play mechanically and look for map weakness to strike and take the lead and from that point the game is already decided.


what? You have perfect tc spots on the wood and main gold, the other wood on the right end of this picture. If you build your military buildings on the hill, you’re good. There’s absolutely no forced decision in this game. You can all-in, you can also play the standard wall meta. Wall from the left forest till northwest edge, right forest till the forest touching the northeast edge, houses and military buildings on the hill near the berries. A lot of people complain about maps with 1 wood or two wood with one of them surrounding a pond, all forward mines. Those are problematic, this is a good standard generation. Anything easier than this is just a boom fest.


this numbers of highland is insanely too much, I couldnt find back this game but I remember even the surroundings are full of highland in that map which I dont have much options but all in.

alright, I just had a game which I think these “devs” are really go too far away of improving the map generation
not only the TC around, it’s even my left hand side and right hand side forest, it’s super hard to find a place building a TC?
seriously? what’s their thoughts of trolling the games?

in such maps, if you are the underdog at the start, you gonna xxxked up, after the main forest are gone, you either waste a stone to build castle for the wood, or you giving the free village buffet to your opponents.

first, in such game I defintely wont go archers because it’s consuming my woodline.
second, econmic focuc woulnt be an option as you can see there’s no much spaces for TC build at all.

You telling me that the current patch of Arabia can keep the diversity of playing style?
nah, I really think it depends on the luck, sometimes it’s okay, sometimes it’s forcing you to kind of all in attack.

Play another map, duh. It’s not like you have to play arabia.

True but it’s the best map on the ranked ladder, at least for 1v1. Or rather, it’s the least worst map on the ladder.

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I’ll never understand why people are obsessed with arabia (or arena). I’d rather play megarandom than these two.

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