Is There A To Change a Unit's Name While It's Queuing?

So I’ve learned how to change the name, description of units but I was wondering is there a way to have the changed name apply while the unit is in queue? It’s no biggie if I can’t change it but would make the immersion cooler especially after changing name of Civ, UU and applying new bonus’ via trigger. learn more at the citadel


Not possible with triggers. With a .dat mod, just change the Language File Name number of the relevant unit to -1 and the Internal Name to whatever you’d like. The game will now use the Internal Name while creating the unit and while it’s on the battlefield. This has the plus side of having the unit still be capable of receiving upgrades - something the Change Name trigger disables from affected units

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You can also use a modded String table and use the “Modify attribute” effect to change the object name ID to a string of your choice. No need for a datamod.