Is there a way to achieve, via Scenario Editor, the Trade Workshop functionality seen in BR maps?

Like that: Can a building via scenario editor generate resources, & can collecting buildings of the same type increase that income? If so, how?

A few looping triggers is an easy, but limited implementation:

Trigger: Starting: ON, Looping: Yes
Condition: Own Objects: Trade Workshop 1
Effect: Tribute: -1 Food/Wood/Gold/Stone from Player 1 to Gaia (for silent tributes)

Repeat for number of workshops on the map.

The limit here is that it requires 1 trigger for each workshop and player if you want it to work for all players. It also doesn’t auto-change ownership

You can also use the actual new trade workshop object which automatically comes with resource generation, although you might need to edit the gamedata to unhide it from the scenario editor.

That’s actually what I ended up doing, but I thought there was a more efficient way to do it.

Well, I was thinking to use a different building type. But thanks for the heads up.
So, I understand it can’t be done unless you enable a hidden object (modding) or do weirdly built triggers.

Hmm you might actually be able to generate one of the battle roayle maps can map-copy the trade workshop into your scenario.