Is there a way to control the civilization tech tree appearance?

I can change the actual tech tree in the DAT and stuff, the thing I can’t change is how the tech tree renders for each civ in the tech tree preview panel. Is it possible to mod this? @DodoNotDoDo, @ConvertThis4915, do either of you know anything about how to do this, or it it’s even possible?
For example, the Egyptians have a stable in reality, but it doesn’t show in the tech tree, which is confusing for people.



I asked the team and it should be possible by modifying the civtechtrees.json file located in the AoE2DE\widgetui folder.

Hope that helped!


I might be wrong about this, but don’t you have to overwrite the base game file? I don’t think it accepts modded files for civTechTrees.json, has that changed?

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If it’s not possible to have the civTechTrees.json file operate as a mod rather than an overwrite of the actual game currently, could you please ask the team to look into making this something that can be modded? Thanks, it would really be appreciated.


@ConvertThis4915 currently the civtechtree json file in mod widget folder isn’t working. it broke few patches ago and not yet fixed. the same can be applied to futuravailableunits json file as well.

civtechtree is under UI_MOD\ widgetui\ folder which no longer works
futuravailableunits is under DATA_MOD\ resources\ _common\ dat\ which also doesn’t work

possible to let them know so they can fix this by next update?


Yes, those files not being read by mods is an already tracked issue :slight_smile:


Thanks, the sooner it can be fixed, the better, it’s super frustrating needing to overwrite the actual game.

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Any update on this? Being able to mod this game is what keeps it alive and fresh, it’s so important for the community to keep making it easier and better to mod.

Thanks in advance!

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this is one example of a bug that has been reported but still remains broken even after 6+ months


Any updates? :slight_smile: It’s been a tracked issue since September 2022, literally no sane person plays an RTS on Xbox, why on earth do resources and time go to that is beyond me…

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Me and my friends play on Xbox… it does allow for Keyboard and mouse :slight_smile:

acocrding to him you are not sane 11 but can you guys fix this damn game already

@Felizon89 could you please let the team know to fix this… its been over a year and .json files such as civTechTree, Futureuniticon and the like are still not working. it worked at one point and broke right away after a patch and hasn’t worked since then, could we please get a fix on this.

This should be an extremely easy fix, just have someone take a quick look and make a change and it should work after.

Xbox and PC are the same version, there are no more resources or time going to the Xbox version. And there are a lot of players that want to play on console. But there are priorities, for example, a bug that makes the game crash or desync has more priority than a localization bug.

Did the recent balance update fix this? Or we need to wait until the Rome DLC?