Is there a way to identify what specifically is lagging a scenario?


Is there a way to know what is specifically lagging a scenario? I mean, I know the scenario is lagging, but what among all that I’ve included causes the most (if not all) the lagging issues?
I’ve read in the web about AoE II DE lagging until the 3K number of triggers, so I’m not sure if my 800 (most of them deactivated) is causing anything, or if I should be looking somewhere else?

I’m certainly concerned, because I see videos of full armies clashing without this issue.

Scenarios should be able to handle 3K triggers (can certainly 800) without lag. I would guess the lag is due rather to large numbers of units and AIs needing to process lots of commands.

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Thanks. Do you happen to know what’s the ideal population limit per map size? I’m using 270 avg, but didn’t thought it was an issue.
Probably Ludikris + 270 avg + 800 triggers has an impact. But I would like to reduce –at most– the population.