Is there a way to make AI actively attack the Player's ship with land unit?

My goal is to make AI stop ignoring and treat enemy’s ship as same as the enemy’s land unit - will always attack them with both melee and ranged units once the enemy’s ship is in sight.

According to encyclopedia, In AoE1, there is a Strategic Number sn-target-evaluation-boat to set the value used for influencing land units to attack or not attack boats. However, it’s not available for AoE2DE.

Is there any similar way to code the AI to attack boats with land units?

Much thanks. Sorry if this is a noob question.

Seriously, how come AI is not willing to use land units to attack ships, even in maps like Water Nomad, Mangrove Jungle, Bog Island, etc, where land units, ships, and buildings can all be in the same shallow terrain?

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I believe you have to learn how to script AI with DUC. manually tasking units to search for enemy boats and attack them if they are found. sadly this is way over my capability but I’d start asking questions in scripting discrod, they got some really smart scripters there

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