Is there API documentation for mods?

I am trying to determine if I am wasting my time trying to make a mod that gets the map name from the game settings window and displays it above the mini map. I can’t seem to find any documentation of what information is available to a mod. I am going to download an existing mod like the one that changes the location of the clock and see how that works but that still won’t answer my big question of whether the information is even available to my mod. Does anyone know if this information is available or if a public API browser exist for AoE2:DE mods?

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The map name is displayed in the objectives window. So you should be able to see where it pulls that from. Check if you can find .json files for the objectives window.

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Thank you, I will give this a try.

@Tremors08 did you ever figure how to do this? I want to do something similar…in my case, display the # of kills I have in real time.

Unfortunately I have not found any documentation on it or found out how to do it

So I looked into this a little more and the JSON is pretty easy to read but I believe some of these pieces are place holders for things that are dynamically filled. There is a widget with the following JSON which I believe is the one I am looking for but it has no children. I get the impression this is an entire control I could move around as one piece but not something I could decompose to add to other locations.

     "Widget": {
            "Type": "ObjectivesTextBox",
            "Name": "ObjectivesBox",
            "Help": "IDS_OBJECTIVES_MAIN_HELP_TEXT",
            "ViewPort": {
              "xorigin": 60,
              "yorigin": 50,
              "width": 480,
              "height": 800,
              "alignment": "TopLeft"

If anyone knows if my assertion is correct that would be greatly appreciated.