Is this anti everything unit fair and balanced?

There’s a unit that has the damage of a musketeer, but without heavy infantry tag so they also counter skirms. And they do a lot of siege damage like pikes, and also counters artillery which is supposed to counter infantry. It is cheap and created fast. It doesn’t give enemy xp when killed. Yes it is USA marine.

The only counter is melee cav, but guess what, this unit has 25% melee resist. The high ranged damage also allow them to kill cav fast once a critical mass is reached. When the game is at this stage there is no counter to this unit.

In addition to that, this unit also shadow techs. USA fast industrial will instantly give the Guard Marine unit. Which destroys any other infantry, artillery, buildings and cav from fortress age. Even lancers and cuirassiers has a hard time because of the melee pathing.

Someone will try to argue “it is hard to get that in 1v1…” . True but in team game is very strong. I have a friend who is around 1300 team elo with any other civ reached 1850 with USA. From then onwards he only plays USA and has been playing for 1 year…with a single civ

What do you guys think about USA marine?


Necesita un Nerf, o un rediseño, lo hemos pedido varias veces


They are fine. It’s not like they can be easily massed.


They don’t last vs artillery. The 2x arty bonus is pretty useless when a lot of Arty have very high ranged resist. Leather guns destroy them. They also don’t outrange skirmishers and besides the Texas forts, they aren’t easily massable. The unit itself is fine. Texas forts needs to be nerfed though.


They are fine, it’s hard to mass them and though you don’t get xp for killing them the player that makes them doesn’t either and they cost resources. They become better if you send marines but that’s a 1k res value card that could be something else and you need a lot of marines for it to be worth it. Also every minuteman trained before sending marines remain at half HP.


Shinobi are much more powerful.

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Surely just add a heavy infantry tag + kill XP if the marine card is sent or something?

Heavy infantry counter cavalry and marines don’t, if you make them heavy infantry then they need a multiplier vs cavalry. Equally if you give kill xp then they need build xp.


Yeah because US needs more XP in case they can’t keep going back to back on shipments after 20 of them…

But fine, open to other balance tweaks but the unit as it exists is uncounterable so something should definitely change

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It doesn’t counter anything either except artillery after sending a card worth 1000 resources.

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Like how musks don’t counter anything in range, but raw damage is high enough that they effectively do

Well, I think it’s time to drop the old argument. All Ceremony units that can be obtained from the Community Plaza do not provide any experience, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that heavy cannons from factories and Ottoman settlers also do not provide experience, and there are other examples of units that also do not generate experience for creation and despite that, they provide reward experience. So why all these units yes and the Marines no?
And finally, why should it have multipliers vs cavalry having a heavy infantry tag? Can’t the exception be made? It wouldn’t be the first military unit with a tag that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

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None of those units you actually pay for, they just generate over time, make the minutemen free every 2 minutes and I’m fine with that. The unit does ok currently because it’s not countered by many units, good at absorbing some damage if you make it heavy infantry then they will easily be kited and killed by skirms and become useless from age 3.

Not sure what all the whining is about, the old marine timing is pretty much never used anymore I mostly just see gatling FF other than the bugged FI and they usually don’t have marines just a dozen half hp minutemen.


Even it doesn’t have multiplier but the high damage is still enough to kill cav before they can get a surround and fight

Come on, how long do you have to mass marines to reach that point? What kind of numbers are we talking about here?


Well, actually, all units trained by ceremonies cost resources, for example, the tokala costs 300 gold and the warpriest costs 200 gold if I remember correctly, an equivalence is made of how long a villager is in the plaza and how many resources could have gathered. So, following your logic, no units spawned in the Plaza should provide experience gain. Bearing this in mind, I don’t see it crazy that the Marine gives experience per kill, it’s more, it’s the most logical thing. The only units that don’t provide experience are the travois (I don’t know why) and the militia, this last one because it reaches 1 HP, but the marine escapes from this.
Then, on the subject of tag, maybe not a heavy infantry tag, but imo you have to countered it with skirmishes, the rest of the units aren’t very efficient against them.
And on the subject of massing, a good player can time 30 of these guys at minute 12, and as time goes by, he can accumulate even more marines, I have seen players with up to 60 marines at minute 20. Let’s remember that there are civilizations that for least, they also received a nerf, to quote the alpha and omega of this, the skull knight, like the Marine, there was a point where we had an unstoppable mass of death, for that reason it was nerfed.

They’re fine. They rarely get used in USA games.

The marines strat requires two cards and three town centres to get a decent amount of them at once.


They’re totally fine. Any Nerfs to them kill USA !


they really need to rework usa, civ has 2/3 busted strats, the rest are just treaty things.

US marines are not OP. I’ve used them in large numbers they are decent early in the game but once you run into artillery they get blasted.They are not that hard to beat. I’ve also rarely seen anybody use them. More people go for the Gatling gun spam