Is viper trolling red bull, overconfident, or?

just look at his civ draft against hera. i have questions already. the civ draft is hugely advantageous to hera.

Viper mind games… 11

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if he wins in 3 games he has quite good civs i think

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its viper. he could win with the worst civ against the best civ

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i dont think he is that better Nili said sienc they play on different maps and have to use different civs he does good at that even if someone is better on one map here and there

i really hate these time limit settings.

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its only for this turnament so i dont really mid a different turnament, so we dont just have 10 hour vods to watch later 11

viper flexing.

teutons vs slavs (keep in mind this is on old patch).

gona be interasting, quite simmilar 11 i dont know who wins civ match up

viper making this look easy. civ disadvantage in both games and wins.

I agree on teutons… But Incas a weak civ?

vs ethiopians? yes. completely. should have been a wreckfest against viper but viper is schooling hera

viper 3-0s hera despite giving hera every advantage.

i am sorry but hera cannot be considered the second best player in the world. in the past two tournaments he has gone 0-7 against viper.

I think Lierrey and Mr Yo are the closest regarding skill. Hera is better than the average expert player but not a “Snake Killer”.

hera won 2 turnaments this year agains viper

throwaway tournaments. with not much at stake. you know where viper does trolly builds.

in the big tournaments? he’s gotten wrecked by a combined 11-2.

Nobody can kill Solid Snake Pliskin!

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sure but viper does do that to everyone. so does hera agains others then viper

Shotel is the only answer Ethiopian have against eagles. Lacking both good cavalry and champion is a huge drawback against meso civs

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25% faster firing Arbalests, and Torsion Engines Scorpions/Onagers, are also decent counters to Eagles