Isgreen's answer regarding blood is pathetic

“However, much like every other Age game, I’m sure we’ll have a ‘bloody mess’ mod (or something as equally creative in name) within a day or so of release by an enthusiastic fan for those that want that in their gameplay.”

Since when did you turn to Bethesda? Leaning on the back of modders? Seriously? Why not have a ■■■■ toggle of blood? I was only supporting AOE4 to the false accussations by other users regarding cartoon graphics, but really? You are going to take away BLOOD from a medieval game, that people kill for land, changing the religion of the enemy and enslaving population? Is this what you call a ‘‘aoe2’’ approach? I am so ■■■■■■■ dissapointed. Age ratings are a joke, nobody cares about them. Most kids who are not supposed to play GTA V, have played GTA V and most of the time with the endorsement of their parents and their parent’s money. If you dont start taking AOE4 seriously, then it will flop. Plain and simple. Censorship has done nothing good to gaming and most games that forced this kind of ridiculous censorship have failed miserably. I dont know what to say, honestly. Guess I’ll play AOE2 forever, a game that takes itself seriously. No blood in medieval era, lmfao.


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