Isn't it a good time to bring AOE on Mobile?

It’s been more than two decades since the first age game came out but we didn’t see any development for mobile platforms. In past they made Games like AOE Castle Siege And AOE World Domination but it failed & I think reason for their failure was despite the name these games were not the true AOE games. More of tower defense like Coc. I think AOE series must be launched in mobile.

Even old java phone’s GLU made AOE games were more fun than AOE World Domination and that was back in 2007!!!. Nowadays people have phones with 6 to 12 GB rams good processors integrated gpus as well. There’s huge potential too I don’t understand why they yet never made any AOE (2,3 or maybe even 4) games for mobile platforms.

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because hardcore gamers, which also would apply to age fans, tend to dislike mobile versions of their games. They are “wasted resources” in their eyes.

Also RTS especially, are somewhat dependant on precise inputs, and maybe even shortcuts, so it would be quite a different game on mobile.

However I wouldnt be against it. If anyone ever played Age 2 on DS - they turned it into a round based strategy game, but you play basically the same campaigns - it was very different, far too hard for me, but super fun :smiley:
Such a type of game would fit on mobiles.

But I dont think there is any real need for the type of game right now to allocate resources.

I dont think a true aoe game would work on mobile. I think the ones you mentioned fail because of marketing. I never before heard of an AoE Tower defense game. I surely would have played that :smiley:


It’s about AOE castle Siege and World Domination

Trust me there are many players who play AOE 2 Conquerors on mobile using exagear and other stuff.
I admit I’ve tried aoe2 exagear it’s not have that PC feel.

Not everyone have that high end expensive gaming PC.

point is, you dont need a high end gaming machine at all for eother age game. Even age 4s specs are playable on machines 5+ years old, with ease.

See, I know the title aoe castle siege, but at least in germany, I never saw ads for it. so it had to fail (here at least)

And yes, nothing will ever really have the PC feel, although there is such gear for mobile. Which is why if we see a mobile age game, it wouldnt be as great as the PC one.

BtW I totally encourage you to watch a bit age of Kings (DS) gameplay. It was basically a Final fantasy tactics in age 2 setting xD


Yes thats the point. you can’t have same experience on mobile. But to be honest if there Will be such a game(a true AOE game) for mobile even if the game costs more than 50$ I’ll buy it.

The main limiting factor for mobile is not performance.

The main limiting factors are:

  1. Screen size
  2. Session length
  3. Competition

Screen Size Problems

  1. Everything has to be big to be visible, taking a larger part of the screen
  2. The input area is also small because it’s limited to the screen size
  3. The input and the output are in the same place meaning that the buttons cover screen space and the finger also cover parts of the screen

Session length

AoE is normally played in relatively long sessions, even a quick mulitplayer match is easily 20 minutes and also the length is not really controllable.


There are a lot of Strategy games on mobile, very successful ones.
The name Age of Empires wont help much to compete in this market, there are more people that know Clash of Clans or Clash Royal.

When phone games were small you could cash in by slapping a PC/Console game name onto a mobile game, but mobile game has changed a lot since than.
We are at a point where the mobile games are the bigger names in some cases and it’s more likely that someone will make a PC version of them instead.


In 2005 GLU made JAVA version of the AOE 2 later AOE 3 in 2007. I didn’t had PC in that time I’ve played those, Those games had little bit feeling like aoe games. So why can’t it be done with current mobile platforms.

AoE is not a game that could be played in mobile. The lack of giving commands easily in mobile is a forbidden parameter in my opinion. There could be another game, similar to AoE4 that could be possible to be played in mobile, but this will not be AoE4. It will be a similar game. And I am not sure if enyone would interesting to play a RTS game in mobile. I tried it once and can’t say that I liked it… why anyone prefer to play a RTS in mobile and not in PC?

PS: You have to see the audience that you expect to use your product. RTS games are for hardcore gamers, not for casual once. I would say that I do not expect a hardcore gamer to decide play a game like AoE4 in mobile when he plays AoE4 in PC. AT least this is my personal opinion.


please stop destroying aoe! we had, it sucked more than everything has ever sucked before. we are gamers, not kiddies - we want pc games not mobile garbage. thank you


Someone who doesn’t have a PC nowadays, and that’s a lot of people, doesn’t know AoE but knows Clash of Clans or whatever.
Why would adding the Age of Empires name make a mobile game better?
It has less name recognition on that market.

Simply making a mobile game will devalue your brand.
This is already a problem with Age of Empires.
The main reason this game is called Age of Empires 4 despite going back in the time line and also being basically a reboot after such a long brake is that the brand Age of Empires is also associated with mobile now thanks to Castle Siege.
Giving it a number makes it clear it’s part of the main series and not a spin-off. Because any spin-off name would make a lot of people think it’s a mobile game.


That’s exactly why I want to have AOE on mobile. Cuz other mobile games feels like garbage even with graphics.

aoe 4 goes back in timeline, because aoe is about ancient and medieval history. aoe 3 with his after medieval setting was´nt that popular. the concept idea of world war would not be aoe - style. and there are enough strategy-games in ww2 - so i think there is no market for it like in the medieval section.

medieval games with basebuilding, ressources and battles arent in many games. mostly there are some fantasy-stuff (spellforce), or only battles (total war, ancestors) or only building towns. and thats where aoe has it point.

so castle siege has nothing to do with it, in my opinion.


I was talking about the naming. Not about why they choose that setting.

If the name Age of Empires was entirely associated with PC gaming, they could have given Age of Empires 4 a different name to make sure than it doesn’t take part after Age of Empires 3, what quit a lot of people expected, and that it’s also kind of a reboot after a long break.

But if the name of Age of Empires 4 was everything but Age of Empires 4 a lot of people would just think it’s another mobile game and than just ignore it before finding out it’s not.


i know what you mean, but for me, it isnt cool to game at such a small display. most mobile games are garbage, because they are developed to fill time in bus and co. but i think there is the problem. gaming should be a senseless timewaster - it should be quaility time, like cinema, or reading a book. gaming should be the tik-tok of hobbies.


I don’t even consider it an AOE game. It’s more like tower defense.

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i dont think so. there are so many gaming series which doesnt evolve with the timeline - and people like them too. age his about old history, and not modern history. and thats what it allways was.

i know alot of my gaming friends, which ignored aoe 3 for his setting - yeah for us europeans it wasn´t that much interessting. and now gonna wait and play age 4 - because it is getting back, to that what we loved.


I’ve seen many ads with AOE 2,3 building sets and units to promote their apps and games. And some people mindlessly download them.

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My point was not that more people would have wanted modern my point was that 4 implies modern and that causes two problems.

  1. People that want modern are sad it’s not
  2. People that don’t want modern might not even loot at the game to find out it’s not modern

That’s why a different name would have been better if it wasn’t for mobile games.


i don´t understand your point.

age 4 is a good title. so everybody knows the king is back. i think the most people think of medieval reading age of empires, so they get what they wanna. and everybody who wanna play a modern time game, don´t look at age. they take coh, iron harvest, suddenstrike…

you cant waste a big name on mobile games. look how ea killed c&c.


Pointless. No decent RTS can be played on a mobile.