Issue with event challenges not unlocking

I’ve played a couple games with a friend over the course of the last days to unlock the event challenges. While for my friend the challenges unlocked fine, some didn’t for me unfortunately. When we were doing one 2 days ago the game was a little laggy, hence I saved the game, quit and restarted it which indeed helped with the lag.

After I quit the game I got the message that I unlocked the challenge (makes sense, I have already completed the task even if the match wasn’t finished). When we completed the game I again got the same message.

Yesterday we did the next challenge and I didn’t check whether it unlocked.

Today we did another challenge and after the game I noticed it didn’t unlock, so I checked the challenge menu again - to my surprise even the one from 2 days ago, even though I got the message twice that it was completed - wasn’t.

So I loaded up the save game from 2 days ago again, did the tasks quit the game and again saw the message that it unlocked. I checked the challenge menu, and there it also showed as unlocked.
So I quit the game, started it again and to my annoyance the challenge again wasn’t completed.

Considering that the event ends tomorrow and that for whatever stupid reason you can only do one challenge a day this is really upsetting. Though, on the other hand, since unlocking the challenges is broken anyways that doesn’t make a difference either…

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