Issue with multiplayer

I’m trying to play my first multiplayer AOE2 DE game but when I go into the lobby browser I don’t see any games. I wasn’t sure if this was reality or if there’s something I’m not doing correctly to see the games.

Same here. Can’t create a lobby, the Create Lobby button is greyed out and a little spinny circle appears next to lobby name. I presume someone at MS can fix this, or it’s no AoE2 all Easter weekend :frowning:

I am also having problems with multiplayer … I hope they solve soon

Did anyone find out the problem? I don’t see any multiplayer games either. Is it cause I have 0 rank or experience? It also says xbox but I’m playing on my PC does that matter?

I am also having this problem, since yesterday after the maintenance, please resolve this!

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Yeah, today a played games, and 6-7 players wew disconnect, it’s horrible, every updates gets worse, the devs and the mods can´t fix the game, so… the problem is who buy the game or who commands the game?

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Guys, I just discovered the problem. If you are playing through steam, check on the first page if you are logged in to Xbox, if you are, click on the green icon to exit the xbox and the lobby will return to normal.

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The fix is to use the “Servers” filter on the right hand side and select one (Ex: east). Then the list will populate.

Afterward hit the “Reset Filters” button and you will see all of them. It should work fine then.

That fixes the most recent issue with this introduced a few days ago.

If that doesn’t work for you, log out of xbox live and try it.

Also, make sure you’re running the latest version and have “Crossplay” enabled in your options.

como puedo saber si tengo la ultima version y tener ''Crossplay habilitado en opciones¿? en que opciones¿?
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En las opciones cuando entras por primera vez al juego.

Hello all ,

I have a big issue i used to be abble to play 1v1 ranked my score is over 900soit’s good.
I go into find a match i don’t ban any map and try death match and random map i have been waiting for 4hours now with two hours without getting out of the queue and i don’t find any game.
I restarted my pc and everything still don’t find a game and people on twitch tellme they check the stats and thousands of games with my elo lvl (800-900) were played during this time .
Why can’t i find a game ?