Issue with "Select all Military" hotkeys and Trebuchets

:arrow_forward: ISSUE

When you use the “Select all Land Military” or the “Select all Visible Land Military Units” hotkey and you have any Trebuchets in the army that gets selected, then those Trebuchets will stop you from using “Attack Move” or “Patrol”.

When this happens you have to slowly exclude them from your army before you can react/attack.

This could be fixed by making “Select all Land Military” and “Select all Visible Land Military Units” hotkeys not include Trebuchets in them.

It seems like this has been discussed before, but I my suggestion is to exclude Trebuchets from the hotkeys, instead of adding Patrol and Attack Move to Trebuchets.


Its not a treb problem, its just with any units that cant patrol etc: Villagers, Trebs, Monks and…whatever I forgot :smiley:

The question is what kind of units the select all button should include. They already excluded monks that grabbed relics, I would like to have normal monks being excluded aswell, maybe trebs too.

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I agree, I also want normal Monks to be excluded from Select All hotkeys so it’s possible to collect relics. It’s useless to select all your Monks because before DE it wasn’t possible anyway, so it’s kind of redundant.

Excluding Monks and Trebuchets would be a huge improvement to gameplay, at least for me and anyone else who uses the Select All Unit hotkeys.

Yes!!! I noticed this today, when testing stuff with the Scenario Editor. I think it would be cool if Trebuchets could stop preventing other military units from using the Attack Move command.