It is difficult to distinguish Cho-Ko-Nu from Chinese crossbow

Cho-Ko-Nu and Chinese crossbow bearers have the same shape and action, which is difficult to distinguish.
The two belong to units with completely different functions in the game.
It is suggested to change the appearance of one of them to show distinction.

By the way,I noticed that the aoe4 archer’s weapon has both eastern and Western appearance, but the crossbow is a unified western style crossbow. It would be better if the crossbow could distinguish the eastern and Western styles like a bow.


all units are hard to distinguish… its always a problem, its to difficult for me to tell what unit is that


I agree
By the way,it is also difficult to distinguish between camel cavalry and camel archers


And with all the “READABILITY” excuses for every other design choice…


Perhaps make them wear slightly different clothing/armor?

I can’t see them being able to do much about the weapons.
They already have a different weapon model.


It’s really tough to distinguish the units when all of them are still tired and just rushed out of bed in their sleeping clothes or shower coats.


It’s good to combine the two crossbow into one. It can have the advantages of two crossbows at the same time. Why should it be divided into two?

Bad advice, which hurts the balance of the game and does not conform to the historical fact.

I’m sorry but that doesn’t make any sense…

I also think that the appearance of the two units should be slightly modified to distinguish them

I think what they’re trying to say is “why do we have two variants of crossbows for the chinese?”

Which tbf kinda makes sense, the English only have 1 type of archer (Longbowman).

Correct me if im wrong but when you age up as the chinese doesn’t it just replace the crossbowman line?

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That’s a really random post tbh seeing as there are tons of ideas left and right on these forums and they rarely get any “official” acknowledgement, but thanks for the info, it is appreciated!

Edit: added quote


Please distinguish Zhuge crossbow and ordinary Chinese crossbow from the appearance of armor. If conditions permit, it is best to make two styles of Oriental crossbow and Western crossbow, just like ordinary Archer.

Meanwhile in AoE II you can easily tell apart the crossbowman from the arbalester from the Chu-ko-nu. How far we have gone backwards.


I will. Every detail and eye candy matters for the sake of game :grinning:

The level of detail and choosing which units to add detail too makes AOE II far more superior in the artistic and clarity department.

Speciality units looked like a massively Royal upgrade that really showed off the classes and culture of each civ.

The average units looked exactly that, average units. Except in the imperial when you’d have halberdiers, paladins, champions and hussars which looked like beautiful, tanky and advanced units.

AOE IV the advanced units look like every other unit.

While the units themselves show culture of their respective civs, mainly in infantry, there’s Manila difference between all which is the biggest pet down in the whole game

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That the camels wear the same clothes is head cannon stuff. How is this game being made this way?


Yeah they should be in a dress suit, business attire or tuxedo maybe.

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would love to hear from the devs, what kind of logic they used:

  • two completely different types of camels look exactly the same for what reason?

  • everyone is completely saturated in player colour so each unit completely loses their identity in a blue or red blob of “some units”

  • yet siege weapons cant have crew because of readability?

like wtf logic is this?

im really looking forward to release, but this is still a huge candy crush flaw…

starcraft showed us you dont have to completely saturate a model with player colour to allow the most basic player to tell their units from the enemey’s… so why did aoe4 go the way of an indi game?