Italians are 99% confirmed. This time for real

Back in the day, this was the first screenshot for the first DLC to come to AoE III:

People speculated that the Regular and the Carbine cavalry were some kind of Bersaglieri, even Aussie Drongo did a video speaking about that. But this time we have a very clear side feathered hat:

The name of the screenshot is Surprise Brooklyn. Brooklyn have/had a lot of Italian descedents and immigrants, back in the day. So they are paying homenage to that and to people that thought that Italy was the first DE III DLC.

Edit: also the kneeled riflemen seems a new unit or a previous age skin for Bersaglieri


That is indeed the peculiar hat of bersaglieri, and even the uniform match perfectly… Wonder if Aussie Drongo will actually made a video about this… Since the last time he made one, although he very well knew it wasn’t gonna be italy…


I really dont know, besides that soldier that looks like indeed a Bersaglieri, I see a black soldier and an unit that looks like a State Militia from US.

The forum is only displaying the first image that I refer to the old USA Teaser, are you talking about the second one?

Right, there are USA units, as I said is a tribute to the discussion that we had earlier when we had the USA hints, while covering the Bersaglieri among the crowd. If you showcase only the new units, people will figure it very easy, right?


Some Italy ideas from forums:

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There is one volunteer regiment called “Garibaldi Guards” during the US Civil War that dressed very similarly like the Italians (hence the name). So it could also be a mercenary or consulate unit.

But the image could suggest either way (hinting the Italian civ with an “true” Italian unit that could blend in the US army, or hinting the Italian regiments of the US civil war with a very Italian-looking unit)

Yes, but surely they will put them for a European dlc next to Poland-Lithuania to attract more people …


@DoctBaghi you have to see this too

Surprise Brooklyn more sounds like the Dutch :wink:
The historical city of Nieuw Amsterdam (New York).
Brooklyn comes from Breukelen, which is a town in the Netherlands.

Maybe like AoE2’s “Porto” pack that became Indians.
But that would mean the natives. So maybe a north american modpack like Haudenausee.
So i’m going to predict an Haudonausee modpack or update.

Yeah, like when everybody said Morocco was the next civ, and turned out it was MEXICO.


Yeah, we’re all going to be very disappointed when it ends up being Canada this time.


These are almost all USA units. Probably just a new merc

No the first leaked USA units were also mixed within a group of regular European units. Check the first image.

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There’s going to be a patch updating to native civs soon…


Well, it was a civ with m,three vowels and co at least xd…

I’d really like to see Italians in the game, though I’d also like to see more civs from other regions.

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I’m proudly one of those.

But the the bersaglieri hat + Italy being first choice on ranks of what civ do you want for DLC polls + original plans of including it, makes me think that we will get it.


I just have the feeling we get canada as a new civ sry.
I hope italie as well witch good priest units or churge

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Can we be sure it’s not Brazil or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

Canada is too late for the time period of the game…they became independent only in 1867, although they could put the British Canada of the war of 1812…

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