Italy and Malta! Comment your opinion!


I like the historical maps, but I hope that eventually they also add RMS with the Mediterranean style.

They are actually random maps. Is incredible.

Also if there will be minor civilizations, 9 in fact.

European Royal Houses

With the Introduction of over 30 new European Maps, 9 new Minor Civilizations enter the game, adding an arsenal of unique new units, technologies, and abilities.

Representing larger entities whose influence transcended national borders rather than individual people-groups, European Royal Houses thematically blur the lines between major and minor civilizations in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. Like Native American Settlements, Asian Holy Sites, and African Kingdoms, a Trading Post must be built on European Royal Houses’ Palaces to ally with them. Royal Houses provide a unique ability and more units and technologies on average than other minor civilizations, but these are staggered across multiple ages rather than being available in the Exploration Age. These assets are quite impactful and the units often utilize novel mechanics – such as unit promotions, charged actions, (dis)mounting, and damage deflection – but tend to come at a higher cost than their counterparts.

Royal Houses

  • House of Bourbon
  • House of Wittelsbach
  • House of Oldenburg
  • House of Hanover
  • House of Phanar
  • House of Jagiellon
  • House of Vasa
  • House of Habsburg
  • House of Wettin

And I think 30 European maps apart from the 8 historical maps.


They look awesome, some really unique stuff.

My opinion is, add the same level of effort on the disgrace that is Portugal. Cheers.

Edit: On a second note Malta is nice.


To be honest, I’m not excited nor really unhappy.

Italians was kinda expected, though to be honest, I would prefer some South East Asian, Oceanian and South African civs.

What’s your problem with Portugal? I think it’s pretty fine.


Thats the problem its not. They cobbled a Frankenstein together and slapped Portugal on it.

Im tempted on buying this one, due to Malta, but imma stick to my guns and wait for some results on the European “reworks”.


After reading the descriptions I am worried about these new civilizations. :sweat:

Other than the above:

Malta: In the name of god. I love that malta ended up killing long-term treaties :laughing:

Italy: I see things in Age of Empires 2 that worry me, but I like civilization.

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A little meh about Malta, but 2 civs is always better than 1. But hey, Malta did have some little colonial experience, and are very responsable to create corsaries, raiding all the mediterranean against Ottomans.

On the other hand, seems a good a way to include Europe, finally! No classic random maps (we already have a lot of them), we will see how the historical maps works!

Polish Winged Lancers spotted, yay!


Malta será uma civ excelente e como católico posso dizer que simplesmente amei todas essas unidades papais! Obrigado aos desenvolvedores!


Comment your opinion!

My opinion about Italy:

At last ! We were all waiting for this one. I love the renaissance style of this civilization.

My opinion about Malta:



For one, Portugal never used Organ guns



Exceeded my expectations in probably every way.

30 new RMs alone are gonna be a blast to learn. If you add new minor civs, new major civs, new battles, modes, mechanics, cards… Mind=blown.



I wasn’t much hyped when people started saying it would be Italians in the new DLC. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Then, I got excited during the monday challenge. Was already waiting for a double civ DLC when Italians were officially announced. (/ω\)

Finally, it’s in pre-order, lot’s of cool stuff on it, but brazilian regional price (it costs 80% of DE, instead of 50%, come on…) killed half of my hype. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Being Brazilian is suffering


Is it expensive? No. Is it fair, though? No.

  • I’m happy for Italy, but I’m not so sure about Malta. I wouldn’t expect them as a primary civ, but I guess it makes sense since they are so heavily featured in the Campaign.
  • Can’t wait to see the new historical and random maps!
  • I assume most of you won’t care about it, but I am really excited about Tycoon mode, I always wanted a ‘creative mode’ where you just build your cities and economy without having to worry about warfare. Diplomacy seems cool too, I wonder if it will work with the AI…
  • I have mixed feelings about the new Royal House allies, I personally would prefer to have minor european nations and ethnical groups such as: The catalons, basque, swiss, corsican, walloons, flemish, irish, bohemians, romanians, etc. as local allies. But I trust that the devs must have done something cool with the Royal Houses mechanic.
  • I hoped that we would have got a German rework/split alongside Italy, but it seems I’ll have to keep waiting for another DLC in the future.
  • Since we are getting a 2 civ DLC Expansion, I guess it’s safe to assume that next DLC will be a stand-alone american civ. Smiles in brazillian. :grinning:

Cries in Real to Dollar conversion rates. :sob:

What expectations did you have for the DLC before its full reveal? That is, before all the content was announced and only a promotional image of a possible Italy was shown.

  • A great expansion with maps, “natives” and others.
  • A small DLC like Mexico and the US

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