Italy and Malta! Comment your opinion!

Actually, it does fit narrative history… the game campaign starts with Morgan Black who was a knight in Malta


It’s not, and having these things doesn’t make it one either to be honest.
The symbolic end of the medieval era is the year 1500. AoE3 is meant to take place between 1500-1850 (devs are stretching it to 1870-1880s).

Just because you pick a nice round number… that doesn’t mean anything. 1550 for the vast, vast majority of people was as medieval as 1450. The symbolic turn of an era doesn’t magically transform the world, replaces countries, rules of warfare, existing armies, technology etc.

All AoE games are blurry around the edges when it comes to focusing on a clear historical timeframe. In OG AoE III we have many archaic units. Crossbowmen, longbowmen, pikemen or rodeleros exist alongside advanced artillery from the early XIX century and railroads.


I will remain sceptical.


mmm that elmeti horses is overpowered, what awaste of time to playa agaisnt it. only cuirasier can kiill it

1800 hp 64 damage 2x versus infantery, and a charged attack. 3 population omg.

pay 5 dollars to always use italy and not suffer again this? i better stop playing

Yeah there is no such thing as player feedback and balance patches, so I guess that’s the only way out now :confused: Come on. People complain every time something new comes out. Every single time. No amount of internal or closed testing is ever final.


I have to say I’m much disappointed with the choice of Malta.

On one hand Italy, possibly the last major European civilization missing, eventually is released; the European continent is finally tackled along new Minor civs styles; and apparently current European civs will enjoy a facelift too. The shift from the Age of Discovery core, to the larger scale of European theater warfare has officially started (it wasn’t so far, contrary to what I could read here and there).

But on the other hand, we get Malta, perhaps among the least significant entities of the possible European civs left. I mean if we’re going for another European civ, let’s go for a much more pertinent Nation like the Danes, who are ideal for AoE3! Heck, I never was for the immediate introduction of Poles-Lithuanians, but if the European theater is addressed, they offer (after the Italians and the Danes) a more logical choice than Malta!

Really my first and foremost concern is that some tremendously deserving civs, from the other much smaller categories, are left abandoned. Iranians, Brazilians, Koreans, Moroccans, Thai or Mapuche definitely constitute better contenders than the Maltese! I especially sorrow for the Asian category that is still longing for a newcomer. We’re now amounting to a whopping 11 civs for the Europeans, compared to the 4, 3, 2 and 2 for the other categories! And its’s not like there isn’t much candidates for them!

Now, I understand Malta is a special thing for AoE3: we play them during the very 1st campaign that set the iconic story for much of the franchise. Therefore, it is indeed a nice nod. Plus, I have no doubt the devs have found astute gameplay ideas for both the Italians and the Maltese.

Yet, I can’t help but have a strange AoE4 aftertaste when I look at these two new civs, they seem so far to heavily emphasize on the Renaissance era, the very 1450-1550 early era of the game.

With Venezia preferred to Roma even if in a contradictory manner the Italian flag used is the modern one from 1946 (not even the Kingdom of Italy flag of 1861!), but above all with the full Maltese roster: its inclusion seems almost anachronistic or at least severely restricted to a century.

That being said, you could answer back the Aztecs ended in 1521: true, nonetheless, they did establish a powerful empire that ruled unmatched their area whereas Malta was always under the vassalage of the Kingdom of Sicily, the French or the British! Again, the European category offer moreover a more solid contender with the Danes whereas there are less choices for the Natives when looking for highly organized entities.

Finally, I wonder how the Royal Houses will render. It’s an innovative choice, but perhaps I would have preferred to shine a light on local Europeans Natives like the Basques, Bretons, Sámi or Bohemians.


Really excited for this but I wish there was a campaign too


I think there are people who complain a lot. I understand that we can never be 100% pleased, but I think that criticizing something for the plot is somewhat out of place in this game.

Personally, what I liked least was the addition of the ‘davinci tank’ because I also like the historical logic, but on the other hand I only see it as a tribute to the ingenuity of ancient engineers who were ahead of their time. Besides that the game or the saga in general has never been focused on being historically correct to the letter.

From what I know so far, the tank can only be obtained in the imperial age once when advancing in age, so it’s not much to worry about for those who like realism.

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You have to think that devs are releasing civs that can reuse a lot of assets: In USA they reused historical battle civ, campaign voices, Ironclad and Gatling model, in Mexico they didn’t have to create a new building set, the same for this two new civs.

And Malta, they heavily reused Osseus Knight, Alain Morgan skin, Hoop Throeer, Medic Tents and even Fixed guns and Gunpowder warehouse. It is like a high quality mod. (Thing that it’s okay for me)

So I picture that budget has a lot of importance here: doing a non European civ would mean: even different languages in multicultural empires, totally new building sets, the impossibility of not reusing existing common units, wonders for asians, and so…


Some people were like “nooooo they had time and resource to make 2 full civs but they wasted one on Malta”.
That’s not the case. They may only have time and resource to make 1.5 civs and that’s why we get Malta.


Just put 5 mins in ur research.

Orgun guns : not part of the Portuguese Arsenal. Should be Italian or a merc. Ribauldequin just google it.
Caravel : Portuguese ship/ put the Nau in.
Jinete: No Portuguese name for a dragon as I know, Portugal was not famous for cav.
Homecity: Lisbon Cathedral is kina accurate, but spanish use the same model.
Special church tech: Encomienda Manor is a Spanish System. For the Portuguese, would the cartaz System make more sense but its based on trade, for example.

The Only unique unit that is portuguese is the Caçadores. The Besteiro is correct.

A country that is famous for trade, ships, mercenaries, adventurer, Pirates gunpowder and Discovery.

But most people just think Portugal and Spain is the same yes. It seems you like total inaccurate nations.

PS: Sorry for my english


Although there was no campaign, no Tycoon mode, the diplomacy in the FFA and the historical maps give a lot of replayability.


Got very surprised with Malta. Idk why but iam hyped. :smiley:


It is a very cool and uncommon thing to see in a game. Countries like Malta or Cyprus are both very familiar and very exotic and certainly unusual. Also Forgotten Empires is not a 450-person dev team, it’s much easier to bounce between Italy and Malta in a themed expansion, than include really bizarre combinations like Italy and Brazil, Persia, Poland, Norway or whatever else people want.

The price of this DLC would be great even without Malta. 30 new Random Maps alone are a massive package, other games would sell these maps 10/10$ or something.


Yeah Malta is just reusing assets from the campaign to make a new civ and I’m okay with that. I’m under no illusion Malta has stolen the place of Morroco or Persia.


I was disappointed of Malta at the start but slowly I’m accepting them as some sort of the AoE3 Blood campaign fan civ, maybe next time we’ll get D-N and PLC as their fans are in the same gunboat


I am exited to try out the new civs/maps! They seem like they have a lot of cool features. A lot of things seem reasonably balanced but with any large update there are some things that concern me. Of course it is hard to know how something will be without playing with/against it though.

The Crabat’s description says “performs well against all units” which does not seems like it would fit too well in the counter system. It does have the heavy calvary and the light cav tag so it will get countered by goons/skirms but it seems strong in age 2. At 4 pop they will become 2 pop with the outlaw reduction card. They do have 8 range so muskets/xbow will get the first shot but with 30% rr they are pretty tanky. They only need 4 Crabats (560 coin) to one shot a musket while you need 14 muskets (1050 food, 250 coin) to one shot them. It’s almost like every civ that can train map dependent outlaws have been given the ability to train USA cowboys that greatly fall off in age 3. I really hope this unit gets changed a bit before release. It is hard to know how bad the 8 range is without testing though.

The commandry seems scary. I don’t know how you are supposed to siege it down when at any moment 50 dopplesoldiers + a shipment + a cav batch could be popping out from it. If you try falcs 2 culvs could be popping out as well. Once again hard to know how it is without playing against it.

Italy’s age 2 lancer shipment probably will be very rough for civs with bad age 2 anticav.

Personally I don’t like units with gimmicky rof whether that be 3.5 rof abus, 2.5 rof carolean, or 1.2 rof shotel warriors. Basically rof that is not 3 or 1.5. I hate having to get a calculator out just to know what kind of dps a unit is doing I just like clicking on the unit to know its dps. It seems like half of the new natives have some gimmicky rof either by default or with the promotion mechanic. I think one even has something like 2.7 rof. Why is it so close to 3 without being 3 :frowning:

I also think it’s strange that every new civ that’s been released gets a speedy ranged infantry unit.


You would love AOE2. It has about a million medieval scenarios.


It’s about time that the Italians finally become a playable civ in AoE3. I’m excited for that and hopefully, that Lil Bombard unit that’s currently a mercenary unit becomes a unique unit for the Italians that replaces the heavy cannon just like the rocket and great bombard both replace the heavy cannon for the British and Ottomans respectively. Yes, the Lil Bombard should definitely be a factory unit.


Yeah you’re probably right, budget and time issues must have been the reasons that have lead to the Maltese choice

But as you said, the result almost looks like a mod, at time even grazing with fantasy (with the fixed gun from the campaign)