Italy General Discussion

So here is where I want to share everything regarding the new italian civ (there is already one about malta, so this is for Italy only).

I’ll start by saying that it’s a bit weird that they used Venice as HC, but I need to wait and see their options as revolutions, since then you might get the Rome HC.

Economy wise they don’t seem that OP. The free vill every tech is nice, but British get a free vill with each house, which is way easier. The early techs are nice though…

The Lombards is quite weird too, from an historical point of view. As a game bonus, it doesn’t seem that strong or useful, but maybe the meta simply need time to develop.

The Basilica seems good instead, quite useful and not OP.

I’m liking a lot the pavisiers, and their unique military units, but those need a more in depth a analysis.

What do you think about it?


The lombard needs a buff I think, atm it’s just an expensive market as it doesn’t give a better rate. Perhaps good on water maps when you run out of fish and have tons of gold or something but quite niche in supremacy.

The pavisiers need a buff badly, they’re more expensive crossbowmen with half the fire rate and slow movement speed.

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I think they’ve already got my money.


True, but I like the concept a lot.

Maybe they should move some of the HC cards to the age 2, I believe that they would anyway have few counter in age 2, considering that the enemy won’t have access to falcones, even leather cannons won’t be that effective.

Yeah, it is a bit tricky to use right now… maybe it should be slower to give back the investment, but the rate should be way more favorable.

Anyway, I know that nobody expected it, but how gorgeous is Venice here:

(they did butchered a bit the city by putting buildings that aren’t anywhere that close, but that seems to be a common theme and also necessary to squeeze in famous landmarks so…)


The Basilica seems quite good, 1 XP per second for a max of 3 Basilica, that seems quite good…

From the video on it, it looks like it doubles your resources. Investing 300f should yield 300w + 300c after 300 seconds.

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It’s good but nothing crazy, inca upon age up with 3 priestess and starting with a tp, have like same xp trickle as 3 basilicas.

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I thought it splits it, will have to try it out I guess.


Ok but how does it work? Do you need to invest resources on each lombard or do you invest resources into your lombard, and then each build gives you 300 resources.

Because it might be useless on standard games, but it’s crazy on treaty…

Also, the name lombard is kind of weird… why just don’t call them “Monti” or credit institutes?

Mmm true… I compared it only with other european churches…

Still, it’s a nice building, with unique and unique units and a useful area of effect.

It seems almost like renting a villager for 5 minutes.

This combined with architects makes me think you could play Italy without ever having to chop wood.

The name is pretty weird. Monti would have been way better.

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Yeah, Monte probably since it’s the singular.

Wait what?

That’s seems a bit too extreme, especially on water maps.

Also, how does the HC shipments that already deposit gold inside it works? For example the 700 gold shipment means that you get 1400 wood and food for nothing with 1 lombard, 2800 wood and food with 2 lombard and so on?

Some useful videos:

From what I saw, the Basilica (I would have Duomo, but Basilica isn’t bad too…) it’s quite good, speeding up building time helps a lot, and it works well with the architect, that we’ll used could mean that you’ll need very few wood for buildings, which balance the paviseir heavy wood cost.

The lombard still doesn’t convince me… I like Tha fact that they’ve gone for something really unique and not broken, but I don’t see it much worth apart form being able to use extra resources.

Maybe if you go heavy into just one resource, then you can keep invest that resource for getting the other 2, but still, 1 resource for second isn’t enough, even with 5 lombards (5r/s).

Even with age 2 700 coin shipment, that becomes 700 food and 700 wood,l doesn’t seem that good. I mean, yes it’s a ton of resources for age 2, but you’ll get them slowly…

I don’t know, somebody have better ideas for this building? I know it’ll be good on treaty, but I don’t play that very much, so I’m more interested about the standard games.

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I dont think that is the best way to think about it, its more of an auto villager seconds conversion, and in that sense its pretty strong, especially if you can get multiple of them and they dont all share the same rate

for example, investing 300 food (the same amount of food for training 3 vils) nets about 3-4 vils on wood and gold for the next 5 mins, that is huge. They also would get it instantly, without any train time.

You build the maximum number of these and that is like 12 vils early, which is pretty good.

Any extra treasures (especially since they can get x2 the value) could instantly translate to 3-4 vils worth of eco, that is strong

if we compare it to a market, they get the added benefit of being immune to price fluctuations.

where did you get that from?

It has 10 more HP and trades if off with 1 less attack, with the mode switch stuff that is more than worth it


wait really?
The bank makes 2.75 (3.3 with card).
1 is less then half and you need to invest some before you get it.

There is a card that doubles it I think but that’s still not that much.
Means 10/second over all in late game. And it looks like Italy can only get 1 factory?

Yeah the more I look into the lombard I think its fine(even on the strong side)

A single lombard is worth like 6 resources per second at max capacity (which slighly better then a factory) unupgraded, even a single 300 resources investment nets you 3-4 vils worth of gathering for 5 mins which is very strong. Its basically like having an extra vil building

U can even reinvest any extra resources u have to feed back into it.

It’s 1r/s per resource, with 1 investment, 300 resources.

So if I invest 300 food, I get 1 wood and 1 gold per second, so 2r/s.

Of course then you can also make 1 investment for each resource, so you can get 2r/s on each resource, which makes for a total of 6r/s, for 300 seconds, with an investment of 900 resources.

With an HC shipment, you can also get 0.5XP/s per investment for each 300 seconds, with a max of 1.5XP/s.

It’s a good bonus, but the main problem is the initial investment, you need in my opinion good treasurers to make use of it, if you consider that you also need 100 wood and 100 gold for each lombard.

Then again, italians get an early TP with buffed resources and extra resources on treasures, with the ability to get them faster, but still…

Still, the initial investment inside for the first ages are too high…

u can do it in transition to age 2, build the lombard (i suspect italians would need 100 coin as a starting crate for this) then set vils to food to get the 300 to seed the investment and then transition to wood,

The starting trickle is worth like 3-4 vils so that means you essentially get an addition 3-4 vils during transition, which is pretty strong

The architect can probably also place the foundation for free early

Yeah, the more I look at the pavisan, them more I think that it’s more of a replacement for the musketeer than for the standard xbow/skirms.