It's a joke

in almost 3 months after release and we still have nothing
only mediocre patches

the beta game is still in beta mode…

so why I have to waste my time in this game?


Relax, we still have some months until the next winter holiday

You don’t have to waste your time, you are more than welcome to you know… Play something else, or go outside even.


Exactly, OP. And @Yellowaoe here will even refund your game. Isn’t that great? Such a kind soul.

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I recommend playings with XBOX Live ID + game pass.
Surely some people has(have) unsatisfied impression to AoE4, so I think the best way is easy to quit or stay with monthly payments.

I waited until last patch so I could play and feel satisfied. It’s working nicely.

Probably you should wait until you feel the game is nice to you. There’s no reason to stay when you don’t want to.

But about the critiques on the patches release speed, I believe they are moving in a good pace, specially considering holydays (devs are humans, like). And this last patch didn’t bring up any ridiculous bugs! (that I know of)

Give the devs their time. This game is already pretty good and it’s getting better over time.


Good for them for having a month vacation at the end of the year. I don’t understand why (apart from christmas and new year’s eve)…since I graduated this period has not been a regular vacation for me, usually I even work at one of the christmas days or new year’s eve.

But doing that while the game was in such a bad state and so short after release of course will have consequences to their reputation.

They released a big project by the end of october. I don’t know if crunching was involved, but that’s likely in the gaming industry, unfortunately. I truly believe they earned their vacations.

And about the game state at launch, that’s more a context problem than a devs problem. The norm these days is to launch early acesses and other incomplete games, but that’s not to the developers fault. It’s CEO’s and shareholders fault: they want the money, and they want it now. Developers are caught in a crossfire of executives telling them there is a deadline that can’t be missed, forcing them to work more hours (sometimes with no extra pay) and on the other side there are people unsatisfied with the game state at launch. Those who profit from the sales, usually, don’t care much if we are satisfied, as they already got what they wanted, and the devs can do nothing about that.

My point is: I see no reason to pressure the developers. And I see a lot of people saying that the game should’ve been postponed, so it could be released in a complete state, but these same people can’t have the necessary patience to wait for things, as they are, to get properly attended to.

Please, be patient, right now. There’s nothing more we can do.


Paying for a game isn’t an obligation to keep playing it, if you feel so strongly about it.

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That is because now we are running on a timer… the money is already banked, so with time and people jumping ship (both devs leaving and shifting to other projects as well as players loosing interest) there is less and less incentive to actually finish the thing.

That’s the beauty of selling something unfinished for full price right before a holiday period. It’s a self made problem and nobody but the people in charge are to blame. Telling people who wanted a new AOE for over a decade that they are not patient is just adding insult to injury.


Yeah alright. Maybe it’s not the developer’s fault indeed. These official AOE4 forums used to be my go-to place for bug reporting and then it shifted to my go-to place for critique. I wouldn’t know any other place to ventilate my disappointment with the game though. Frankly, I don’t really care who is to blame: dev’s, CEO’s, stakeholders, MS or relic. I’m just very dissatisfied with my overall experience of this game and organisation so far.

But yeah, for now I’ll just wait it out a year or two before looking into this again.


Worry not. RTS games might not be mainstream, but there’s always people playing, and I believe AoE4 will have a good amount of players after a while, same as AoE2 had its ressurgence.

if they fix everything probable… but at the moment they need to so many things to this be real!

If you’re that low income that you’re upset over $60 (or $1 gamepass) even though you played it too long for a refund, and it gets you off these forums… I’ll give you the $60… im currently looking to sponsor $500k for a tournament (my last forum thread).


It’s about principle, not the money itself. About what it means for the next game with AOE in the title. The general long term implications of getting less for more and taking it up the rear with a smile.

Not that the kind of person talking like you would understand any of that.


I don’t know if this game should be having tournaments in it’s current state to be honest with you.

Like absolutely awesome thing to do and great way to promote the community

But damn man I wish the game was finished.

Also when someone says the price they paid for a game, they’re saying that to highlight that it is a “release price” and that the level of expectation the consumer should have is that the product will be -finished- which this clearly isn’t.

It’s nothing to do with income, for all you know you could’ve just called a millionaire a poor man.


It was no secret that the unfinished components (scenario editor, etc) wouldn’t be available at the time of release. It was made explicitly clear everywhere features would be released at a later date.

And for devils advocate sake, let’s say you missed those warnings that were everywhere. If you purchase the game, and find that it is incomplete, you can get a refund.

If you choose to accept that it is incomplete and continue to play it anyway, you forego your refund.

You don’t get to play the game and get a refund on it too, either accept that it’s not what you wanted and get a refund, or play it how it is. Not both.

He never asked for a refund?

He said telling people dedicated to the age series to be patient and wait for patches to fix what should be a finished game is insulting, which I fully agree with.


He didn’t, but he did claim the same poster would refund the OP:

So this isn’t your argument, right? This is nothing against you. But for Minus here it is about the money - when he wants it to be. And then when he doesn’t want it to be, it’s about something else.

The OP is perfectly valid in being fed up with the game. But likewise, they don’t have to continue. They don’t have to be patient. They don’t have to wait for patches. They can stop playing Age IV, because that’s one of the strongest ways to send a message to the developers. Why play a game you’re not enjoying, regardless of the money you spent on it?

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Wow, let me introduce you to the concept of sarcasm.

After they made the money with you, this form of protest has no power. This is still not early access or a service game, GorbMort, no matter how hard you want to believe in it.

Maybe get a wider view of the shitfest that is the modern “AAA” gaming industry. It’s the same push for bad product and higher prices everywhere, but still you keep defending this particular game in your little sheep bubble.

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