It's Mexico

Release date is December 1st.



well that’s a little disappointing.



Oh well, perhaps it will be like USA: in the end we’ll all be happy and enjoying them as they are unique and fun + asking the devs forgiveness for doubting them. :joy:


Oh cool, wasn’t expecting Mexico. Hopefully they make them a decent civ. The African Royal civs suck and are barely worth playing


Well, that’ll rustle some feathers in this forum…


I think they are pretty nice but they are a little over the top. Unfortunately, their balance pushed back the pros so I barely had the chance of seeing them in action after the tweaks.

I was hoping for another African civ so there could be there in Three People in their faction. Another Euro civilization would’ve been nice too.

Coming soon, Brazil and Argentina.

Likewise, I come with personal character development. I appreciate the new civilization, I already saw the video and it’s great haha.


Well not a bad option but not the best option at this time for me either.
I always thought post-colonial civs should be added after you’ve covered most parts of the world, then go back to the americas and turn revolutionary civs into playable civs.
If there are no more future plans I would be extremely disappointed.

I would like to hope they are planning to pack Morocco with some other North African related civs like Italy or Oman into the next large expansion pack.

BTW no more op musketeers plz.


Official info here:


Aztecs be like:



I’m so exited after watching that civ overview video and at same time so disappointed they can’t follow regional pricing in some regions. More than a matter of it’s expensive or not, it’s a matter of fairness.
Still a great addition to the game, thanks for that, devs!

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What is the time frame and / or the argument that justifies it?
I think that is what should be taken into account first of all.

Mexico fought against the US:

It is also considered empire:

However their time frame was very short during the modern age, but the Aztecs were too.

Personally, I expected another civilization. I already had the idea of Moroccans.


If it’s the Mexico Empire than it’s just 2 years of existence. I’m interesting in knowing the time frame of them.

As suspected they are similar to USA. So we can consider Post-Colonies as a new faction now? Or will they still be considered pseudo-european faction?

Can’t say that I’m happy onestly…

I mean, they release just 1 civ at the time every few months and they thru go for a civ that most likely will be controversial, like the US at the time…

I mean, maybe it’s a marketing thing, maybe they are trying to sell in a particular market…

Oh well, let’s hope that it’s too expensive at least…


I suppose the argument used is that it is not an empire until it is consolidated. That is, it becomes an independent civilization as it annexes states, this supposes a political cohesion and an eventual independence that at the end of the game becomes an empire.

(It is what I believe and how I understand it.)

I’m excited for it.

We tend get too hung up on civ choices imo. I think the civ will be fun to play.


I don’t like these post-colonial civs at all, what was the point of even reworking the revolutions then? The game literally begins in the exploration/discovery age which far predates both USA and Mexico, all other civs fit.


Okay now I have seen the overview. Looks interesting BUT
…there IS another very strong musketeer (seriously why cannot simply make a weaker and more cost effective musketeer with maybe one special ability like every other unit type?)

Also the federal card is a great idea and adds more historical flavor. I sincerely hope older civs at least get some new cards that are interesting.

BTW why Mexico get so many revolution options? Is it designed as some sort of “collection of Hispanic revolutionary civs” just like Hausa and Ethiopia are “collection of West/East African peoples”?

I suppose we have to resign ourselves to the fact that there will be more emerging civilizations within the time frame of AOE-3.

Personally, I don’t like going against the plot of the game, but civilizations themselves could be interesting.

I expected another African civilization, but I suppose this decision is good for the game.


Totally agree. First of all, I think that postcolonia civs arent needed cause they are already in the game by revolution system. Said this, if they want do that umbrella of hispanic civs they should be Great Colombia