Its odd not to have at least 1 African faction

Its odd not to have at least 1 African faction.

So we have 8 Europe Civs, 3 American and 3 Asian. New will be 1 Europe and 1 American Civ.

Why can’t we have 1 civ. based on Africa? Ok to be fair Ottoman Empire kind of is such civ. as it was on all 3 continents and controlled North Africa including Egypt. So what you think of having maybe 1 African Civ? And what civ that could be?


It is not odd. The reason why we don’t have any African civ and why we shouldn’t get any African civ is because not even once in the timeframe AoE 3 is taking place (and later) has (Subsaharan) Africa ever brought about a competitive civilization.
Now I would tell you the by scientific research backed up reason for why that is but todays freedom of speech unfortuately isn’t sufficient to do that so I’ll have to leave you guessing. All I can say is that no Wakandan propagator will, in a self-flagellational act driven by feelings of civilizational guilt, ever be able to talk his dream into reality as the problems with his ideology are rooted in hard scientific facts.


Africa was purely made up of colonies belonging to major European powers during this time period, so it wouldn’t make sense to add one because it was either too insignificant; had no role to play during the Modern Age time period; or was simply a vassal to a much more powerful European power.

I guess you could argue as to why India was included then, but you must remember how significant it was in the world, and just in Asia. Also it was very distinct from surrounding countries, making it a unique and still powerful nation to include.

IMO they could’ve added a northern North American native American civilization - the Algonquin people. Yes my ancestors would’ve been a nice addition, as they were allied with the French, traded in fur, and had great wars against the Iroquois.


+1 it’s indeed a huge problem by historical games to be these days historical accurate
and to talk about history.

The american are not competitive civilization either. The game contains as playable factions American civs like Aztecs and they had no chance against European ones. Spain did conquer them with less than 2000 guys.

How about the famous Battle of Isandlwana where Zulu Kingdom did beat British Empire?
Or Battle of Adwa, where Ethiopia defeated the Italians?

Well unlike American civs, some African civs actually managed to beat Europeans from time to time.
like Ethiopians and Zulu


This is not true. Morocco, Ethiopia, the Swahili city states and the Zulu, all competed with European powers during the timeframe of AoE3.

-Morocco fought off the Portuguese, the Spanish and the Ottomans.
-Ethiopia was never colonized and was one of Portugal’s allies, both having fought a war against the Otto-backed Somalis.
-The Swahili were eventually subdued, and were a waning power, but they still played a big role in the spice trade, and stuck around much longer than the Aztecs.
-The Zulu only show up at the tail end of the period, but fought the Dutch and the English, in what was essentially the last true colonial expansion war.


Add Morocco, Zulus, Swahili and Ethiopians NOW

Don’t forget Mapuche, Poles, Hungary-Austria, Balkans, Persians, Siamese, Koreans, Polynesians ETC…


Atleast add some new random maps from Africa with African native settlements.


To be honest, I would be happy with just Morocco, Ethiopia and the Zulu, with other nations showing up as MInor Settlements, and 5 Africa maps.

-Give the Moroccans the European Age up and civ mechanics, paired up with some exotic Archaic units (Camel Gunner, Spearman with shield, Moor Archers).
-Give Ethiopians the Asian Age up and and civ mechanics, along with some Archaic Siege unit as reference to AoE2 (Colonial Age Scorpion would be fun) and a few Sword and Lance units (Shotelai, Bedouin Outrider).
-Give Zulu the Warchiefs Age up and civ mechanics, and make them a huge Melee and Infantry horde civ.

For Minor Settlements you could have:
-Touareg: Toraga Swordsman
-Hausa: Noble Horseman
-Congolese: Zairan Knife-thrower and Mestizo Arquebusier
-Yoruba: Longspear Warrior
-Swahili: Harpooner and Mtepe (ship)

And you would have a nice African expansion with a lot of content.


Boy, are you in gor a surprise!

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The game contains as playable factions American civs like Aztecs and they had no chance against European ones. Spain did conquer them with less than 2000 guys.

You say this like 2000 men toppled an empire with their superior prowess and technology. Aztecs were wiped out by smallpox. Were disease not a factor (as is the case in aoe3), the aztecs would not have been toppled so easily.


Ethiopia and Morocco/Barbary States say hi. Please put some thought into whatever you type before embarrassing yourself.


These guys had wooden-sticks only… what a racist


Zanzibar was known by it’s navy and they had gunpowder!!


Why not make it into expansion like African Kingdoms?
That added 3 African factions and one European.

Several History sources confirm, Spanish conquest lead by Hernán Cortés did beat up Aztec Empire.

New Spain (total): Units
2,500–3,000 infantry / (90–100 cavalry) / 32 guns / 13 brigantines
Tlaxcala and other allies: ~80,000–200,000 / Totonacapan: 400

vs Aztecs: 300,000 + Tarascans: 100,000


Mayor issue is a lot of African history isn’t well known, some was lost and it’s quite complicated. Africa did consist of hundreds of kingdoms and tribes, but we know today only handful of them, not to mention how climate change and wars did destroy a lot of artefacts.

If we take a look alone at their weapons, it’s very fascinating how they were designed.


Less than 2 thousand Spaniards but almost 80 thousand Native Americans attacked the Mexicaduring the conquest added to an epidemic of smallpox (the epidemic was the equivalent of the black plague for the Mexica, who had never seen diseases of such magnitude), if you are going to be historically accurate why not mention the indigenous people who helped during the fall of Tenochtitlan, which were the main fighting force?

the meso civis are from AoE 2 since the first official Ensemble Studios expansions and still there are fools who fight to remove them. Fortunately Ensemble Studios loved Mesoamerican civilizations.
Why do you need to belittle the meso civis to request that they add new civilizations?


If this game have Incas then why not Songhai? they had a big empire at the late 15th century to the late 16th century the same timespan of the Incas.

Ethiopians, Moroccoco, Kongo are also pretty relevant here.


No, it can be AoE III is based on colonial era, and colonia era was dominated by the european crowns. African kingdoms were not involed in the colonial race due to their resource and geographical limitations. During the colonial era African continent was called the scrambled Africa even till the dawn of 20th century.

Man Portuguese colonized some African states early even you have a Portuguese campaign with some african expanison in AOE2, Spanish fought alongside Saadians against Songhai in 1591, Ethiopians stopped Ottomans and Italians expansion into Abysinia, Why no then?


Songhai are aoe2, not aoe3, had no gunpowder, not colonized…

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Yet where in the 15th-16th century, Do Incas or Sweden colonized something?, no even Ottomans never do that thing.