Jan PUP is here


  • Bosniak: Removed unit promotion feature and damage multiplier against shock infantry.

  • Giant Grenadier: Ranged damage decreased to 36 (from 42).

  • Grenadier: Added a negative melee attack multiplier of 0.15x against Shock Infantry.

  • Guard of Honor, Legendary Native Warriors (Brazil Revolution): These cards now properly cost a shipment each.

  • 2 Bank Wagons (South Africa Revolution): Bank build limit increased by 2 (from 1).

  • Several recently added technologies now get properly researched upon starting the game in Post-Industrial and Post-Imperial Age.


  • Tea Export (I): Export trickle reduced to 0.35 e/s (from 0.4).


  • Aerostatic Corps (IV): No longer sends an Advanced Hot Air Balloon.

  • French Revolution (IV): Now also activates the Edict of Nantes card to enable Grenadier training in the Church.

  • Napoleonic Era (French Revolution): Costs reduced to 1789f 1815c (from 1789f 1804w 1815c).

  • Sister Republics (French Revolution): Costs reduced to 1000f (from 1500f).

  • Hundred Days (French Revolution): Now takes 60 seconds to arrive (up from 40 seconds).

  • Sansculotte: Initial gather rate for wood changed to 0.5w/s (up from 0.4w/s) and for mines to 0.66c/s (up from 0.5c/s).


  • Hire Pandours (III): Cost increased to 1000c (from 500c).

  • Mercenary Camps (III): Now delivers 3 Uhlans as intended.


  • Crushing Force: Damage improvement for elephants reduced to +15% (from +20%).


  • Imperial Bersaglieri (V): Corrected the armor bonus to 5% (up from 0.5%)
    Redshirts (IV): No longer affects the entire team.


  • Cooperation (II, Tribal Marketplace Big Button): Now correctly costs 250 food and 250 wood and lowers the cost of support cards by 25% as intended (up from 15%).

  • 3 Axe Riders (II): Reverted unit count to 4 (from 3).

  • 5 Club Warriors (II): Reverted unit count to 6 (from 5).

  • TEAM Great Lakes (I): Now correctly reduces the costs of the Legendary War Boats, Improved Cordage, and River Raids technologies in Native American Docks.


  • Azap:

    • Ranged damage reduced to 6 (from 8).

    • Melee resistance flipped to ranged resistance.

  • Deli:

    • Attack speed slowed down to 1.2 (from 1.00).

    • Movement speed reduced to 6.8 (from 6.9).

    • Hitpoints increased to 315 (from 310).

  • Nizam Fusilier:

    • Unit no longer benefits from Counter Infantry Rifling.

    • Melee damage multiplier against Cavalry increased to 3.0x (up from 2.5x) to match the strengths of Musketeers.

    • Nizam Fusilier units and shipments now respect a build limit of 20 (up from 15).

  • Janissary: Janissary shipments now properly respect the available population space.

  • Levy: Fixed an error that allowed Ottomans to access a second Levy ability spawning Militiamen when starting a game in the Post-Industrial or Post-Imperial Age.


  • Feitorias (I): Reduced effectiveness of Town Center resource rates reduced by -50%.


  • Sovnya (III): Melee damage improvement for Streltsy reduced to +4 (down from +10).

  • Economic Theory (I): Added to homecity.


  • Spanish Gold (III): Now adds the appropriate amount of +330 coin (instead of +300) to Exploration Age cards after aging up with the Logistician politician.


  • Hakkapelit:

    • Hitpoints reduced to 210 (from 240).

    • Melee damage reduced to 22 (down from 30).

    • Melee damage multiplier now applies to Heavy Cavalry instead of all Cavalry.

    • Added melee damage multiplier of 0.6x against Infantry and Villagers.

  • March of the Hakkapelits: Hakkapelit speed increase reduced to 0.15 (down from 0.25).

  • Contract Irish Brigadiers (II): Sends 9 Irish Brigadiers (up from 8) and is now available in Age 2 as intended.



No Embassy wagon to Elector Counts? :frowning:


Surely this can’t be everything, right?

This will just force Sweden to play Age 2 and realize how OP they are in that age. The Age III Hackapellit push was only possible because of the OP eco setup by Sweden. Hackapellits were mostly a symptom of a greater problem.

Indians no proper nerf? Should at least increase the house cost by 5w.

China nerf negligible, should at least increase the village cost by 5w as well.

No small buff to Malta? Nerf the fixed gun but buff something else small eco-wise. 425w German Tongue, +50f start, anything.

Portuguese nerf justified.


It’s just utterly short sighted to nerf hakkas TO THE GROUND like this. YES the unit was strong and needed a tweak, but this just deletes them. You have to take it into context - getting to age 3 and getting enough eco behind it is not easy - Sweden is relatively weak in age 2 (and no, leather guns are not viable early - they cost 300 food and 100w) AND you need to send dominions/700w/ironworks/blueberries to get the eco going. Also take into fact Sweden has no skirms so don’t have the and their caroleans don’t deal multipliers vs goons.

I really hope you guys will reconsider the extent of these nerfs to hakka. Moreover, 50% nerf to feitoras is again excessive - ports just became competitive again after a year of drought. A 33% reduction or so would have been a lot more reasonable.

Lastly - nerf azaps?? Like they’re already one of the worst units in the game and no one uses them - surely the nerf was intended for the ridiculously strong ABUS gunner?!


this is utterly wrong sweden will still be strong the hakka nerf only nerfed their melee they still only really get countered by skirms

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Hakka is still strong. They still benefit from both melee and ranged cav upgrades by cards and in arsenal. And they have a lot of siege, like hussar, not like dragoon supposedly




Is nice to see now Hakkas are now on the intendeed purpose of being the Swedish Dragoon, and not some utterly busted ranged cavalry strong vs anything.


they nerfed their HP (they were already on the fragile side), they nerfed their multipliers against goons, they nerfed their ability to melee infantry and villagers to the ground. They’re basically a crap goon now with terrible range.


their purpose is a dragoon they will still beat dragoons since normal goons don’t counter them only skrims do which will involve alot of micro. On top of this they have aoe damage which smacks infantry


Totally agree about Hakka not being the primary problem. Only slight nerfs were needed if the Swedish ECO was nerfed. You are dead wrong about the weak age 2 - the main problem with Sweden WAS their age 2 eco seamlessly working into an age 3 push involving hakkas (usually). Two elements were broken. Now people will just stay in age 2 and exploit that instead.

Agree with your other two comments though.


Have you tested it? We have. Goons beat hakka in equal numbers by any metric (and are 10% cheaper).

I don’t know what kind of games you are playing but most matchups in age 2 are very unfavourable for Sweden early on - the unupgraded carolean is awful (compared to musks, jans, sepoy, ashi) and you have to squeeze in at least 3 cards to get your torp eco ahead. This is coming from my experience of around 700 games with sweden on the ladder (and many more in casuals) at around 1500 Elo level.

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I still don’t get the balance changes for Russia… Adding Eco Theory back is justified because it was taken away from it unfairly but the change of Sovya card is so useless. Never saw anyone putting Strelets in melee mode…

Anyways, the main issue with Russia after the patch was their severely damaged age 2 gameplay. The Boyars card nerf hit them very hard and they will still suffer from it after PUP is released if no measures are taken. They must reverse the Boyars nerfs. Make Russia playable again !

Regarding other balance issues that might be adressed in the current PUP, these are the following:

  1. Remove the splash damage from Hakkapelits
  2. Nerf a bit the USA card of “Coffee Mill Guns”. Gatlings feel so strong atm and they are being massed by every USA player
  3. Nerf a bit the Abus Gunner from Otto
  4. Buff Incan Huaracas
  5. Reverse the Desert Archer pop increase
  6. Slightly buff the Javelin Horsemen for the African civs
  7. Make Sentinels a 1 pop unit with its stats adjusted accordingly. Only when you call the age 4 card that gives them rockets, only then you can make them 2 pop instead of 1.

I don’t think thats true, they have higher base hp then dragoons (and are affected by more cards) they only seem fragile before because they have to charge in closer.

I’m sort of surprised they didn’t add a negative multi for their range attack like with the bolas, they will probably still trade efficiently against ranged infantry


Please do explain how Carroleans are “worse than muskets”.

By every single metric imaginable, they are BETTER, you’re just in severe denial.

They have the same HP as regular muskets.
More speed (this is huge as they can kite easier)
The SAME DPS, with even MORE DPS against hand cavalry.
They have the melee running ability to surround anyone or run away from battle.
And since they attack faster, they overkill LESS.

Oh, and the Swedish eco is overpowered so they can get a ton of them out with no effort.

Oh, and they can be supplemented by leather cannons.

Oh, and they still have a full roster of units (like huss, xbow, pike) to supplement if they need it.

All in age 2, without Age 3 and beyond cards.

Don’t even go there.


Odd one, kinda.

Nice that they changed the resistance to ranged so they can better set the role of anti-goon (As they have already enough counters to heavy cav), but the damage reduction is still quite a lot (makes them unusable when fighting literally anything else).

At least, they still deal twice the damage of a crossbow when fighting goons and same damage as a pike-men when fighting cav. (see below (Azap stats as before the PUP)).

Probably could have done with just the ranged armor.

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this is probably a patch to balance the most important things until the spring patch arrives, which is great


bueno ahi esta, veamos como se desempeñan los portugueses despues de esto y por que nerfearon sovnya? de verdad hubieron tantas personas que se quejaron de los strelets? al final veamos que pasara