Janissary is the best musk now

After this big Otto buff patch, Janissary fully upgarded has 515 hp 50 attack 4.4 speed while costing 72 food and 20 coin. From a overall perspective considering cost, hp, attack and siege, this is the best overall musketeer. Beating ashigaru and sepoys, much better than redcoats even after thin red line. Janissary seems a bit op now.

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Arent these the same stats as pre-update? Besides slightly lower food cost.

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They have an extra age 4 card now that buffs them.


They have extra 15% attack and hp now. Before patch they were already one of the most cost effective musk because of the age 4 cost reduction card.

What is the name of the card?

Worth noting though that their first upgrade card is in age 3. They scale really well with upgrades due to the high base HP. Brit musk for example maxed out still has higher attack and whilst the jan is better in imperial with all the cards and upgrades the brit musk and many other musks are considerably better for the majority of the game. Most games end before industrial and brit musk for example can be double carded in age 2 and triple carded in fortress, can also get thin red line by fortress.

The same applies to many other musketeers so the new card if anything buffs them in the late game and perhaps is aimed at making them better in treaty due to the abus being 2 pop and having no other skirm. It will be very rare that you get to age 4 and have sent both combat cards, the cost reduction card and advanced arsenal and got all the relevant techs in a supremacy game.

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They beat redcoats and go even with sepoy while being cheaper that either.

That being said, they get thier perks alot later and even miss the training speed until age 4. Also, theyre power comes from the hp mainly - they still deal 9 less damage than redcoats/sepoy at tange which is a pretty big deal.

Theyre definitely top tier musks now but its not really thst clear cut.


Just seems comparable to Redcoat, except thin red line was buffed so people are more likely to get that upgrade. Also you can have drummers to boost the redcoats.

But most of Jannisary strength is in their HP their damage is still low.

What really makes Otto infantry shine is they can mix in a gren that counters artillery :slight_smile:

Yeah i get it i dont feel that Otto is too strong in 1v1 or 2v2 the major buff is only deli over hussar and second mosque. But since I always play 4v4 because most lobbies are 4v4. Those games tend to get to late game quite often. Otto just get stronger and stronger as the game goes on. Buffed jans, buffed abus, buffed grenadiers which counter arti…asap with 4x multiplier, deli, trainable nizam (also buffed stats)…just too much in one patch.

The only thing I don’t agree with is their cheap cost in age 4

But ottos didnt have rework until this patch for balance issues. Devs have one shot for ottomans and they have used it now.

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This presumes you make it to Age 4+ and get to send all these cards.

Presuming that’s a given (treaty game) I’d still much rather have the Portuguese musket (which is the same as a British musket) with the +1 range from the Logistician. Hard to quantify the effect of that extra range, but it makes a huge difference in combat on top of an already-top-tier musketeer.

(Thin red line is a nerf not a buff, so I’m conveniently ignoring it.)

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Not sure that +1 range alone keep up with the French royal musketeer - those native boost cards on top of upgrades turn them into:

The charged shot being automatic makes if feel like happens pretty dang often.

Don’t the Janissaries have the highest siege attack of any musketeer unit? I want to say they break 60 siege damage. I love them, they’re so versatile. Their high HP allows them to melee charge artillery, their high base melee damage threatens anything if they get close enough.

With the remix to the Ottomans, the Janissary is even STRONGER now. I’d rather have them over Redcoats, or Sepoys. The Sepoy is actually kinda ridiculous, it has a times 3 against cavalry, despite it being a reskin of the Janissary, and thus, uses a saber instead of a bayonet.

For the record, I still hate the Ashigaru.

There’s a limit to those though and ports can triple card their musk and get +1 range so they definitely keep up with the standard french musk.

Normal french musketeer now also get hp cards and promotion. And I’d say the british musketeers gets their cards earlier is a huge difference and sometimes you can’t afford to go logist as port.

Thin red line is also more tempting to get now (only -10%), also British can send in Hanover drummers for a speed boost if they need to.

Yeah true, they’ve been buffed considerably as well.

To be honest, I can’t understand this mindset. “Janissaries are buffed and they are OP now.” which is absolutely wrong since all kind of musketeers got something and every one of them has pros and cons. Lets forget about it and consider Jans got buffed and they have become the strongest. So what? If not Janissaries, some other will be and will it be a reason to complain again which will create an endless loop?

Once again Jans are not OP, not at all. In fact, I very much prefer British, French and Portuguese variants now.


“OP” is so overused it’s ridiculous. Imagine thinking a heavy infantry unit is OP when Skirmishers and cannons exist.

I feel the game still evolves around eco and timing. If you cannot get the unit/card out there is little difference. If I can spam a regular musketeer much faster than my opponent’s better musketeer I still win.
The reason why British is strong is not (only) the musketeer buff cards but they can get them out pretty quickly in large numbers, with a strong eco.
So unless a unit could beat its counters or could turn the tide despite very bad macro, I would not call it op.