Janissary need attack bonus

In history gunpowder units are more effective to mounted units and in game janissaries have one attack bonus that is rams. It would be good if janissaries have attack bonus against mounted units.

Well it can’t happen because massed knights are the only thing that can counter mangonel+janissary in castle age.


But actually if you have 10 HC/Janissary you can kill a knight with one shot, what do you need more than that?! People now asking to buff the gunpowder units especiallly the HC beacuse they really don’t know their real power and they underestimate this unit. For example fast imp Turks arena can kill anything, yes literalley anything.


Janissaries are already the strongest Castle Age UU in the game, and now Turks have arrowproof Light Cav, so they need no new attack bonus.

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tehre is actually the mass manguadai combo or mass plumes but i get ur point

Are You considering the low acurracy? You Will need at least 20 HC, and thats if the knight stand still.

I wouldnt mind a +5 against cav from gunpowder unit

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Well ideally you would want your cavalry to run towards the enemy, and in this situation gunpowder shots miss a lot less.


No single unit counters a mass of anything. Knights counter Janis when it’s a mass of knights versus a mass of Janis. Besides that, no unit counters Janissaries in castle age (should have been emphazised) because of their range.

You can’t really use archers because the Turk answers with either Mangonels or LC, sometimes both depending on how far Castle age has progressed, and even archers aren’t a clear winner against just pure jannis because of the extra range making the engagement messy right at the beginning.

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They do not.


How about given them splash damage? They tend to miss a lot but if those missing shots can deal damage then it’s fine vs big group of army.

They’d need a base attack reduction if they were given even slight splash damage. Right now the numbers work out so that you need three shots to kill any archer with Janis. If you give them even one point of blast damage around the target, one stray shot gives them a two-shot kill.


and the shots that actually hit would do loads of damage. thus the problem wtih aoe damage.

I think Elite Janissary should get a small attack bonus vs infantry (i.e +3), since hand cannons are much better against infantry with their +10 attack bonus. I think in Castle age, Janissary are well balanced and don’t need a buff.

What about proyectile pass throught various units, like the scorpions. Of course, their base attack or RoF should be nerfed…

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It’s asking too much of bullets fired from primitive guns to pass through their target. And if you give them weak damage then suddenly they don’t threaten siege anymore, removing one of their strenght.


but jans also do better against anything that isn’t infantry.


True, but jannisary are more expensive than the HC, and elite upgrade also costs a lot. Even with my suggested +3 vs infantry, HC are still better than elite jans against infantry.

The question is: why would you do infantry against a civ that has both god tier gunpowder and CA? Ig you could use halbs against the hussars but they get spanked hard enough both by jannis and normal HC.

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This one is logical i think because janissaries are expensive if janissaries were in equal resource fight any uniqe units they are defeated easily.

Because you picked goths :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: