Janissary Vs Villagers

I mean hmm
thats sad


But if look at the bright side the janissaries can repair siege units :slight_smile:


I wish meta would be spamming vills in English vs Ottos, that would be hilarious

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Fun fact, this isn’t solely an issue just in regards to Janissary.
This has been a problem all along with english villagers being way to strong!

Their bow attack should be a dark age upgradable thing instead. (An alternative to imp-textiles).

Feudal mangudai get rekt by english vills.
Spearmen get rekt by english vills.
Even archers to an extent get rekt by English vills. mainly due to numerical advantage and throwing up a tower that archers literally can not do anything about.

Only thing that really takes them out is Horsemen, Knights and MaA in feudal.

Also with the new changes to Jans. I would love to see how well they do against Horsemen / Knights and even mangonels nowadays.

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The spearmen would also have lost because their bonus is against cavalry, which is what they are used for. And finally there was already a thread on the Janissary, it is not necessary a thousand threads on the subject.

considering only the resources it is incomplete, if the spearman hypothetically took 60 or 90 seconds it would not matter if it costs a third of the heavy cavalry. You can search on the geometric mean, that is the geometric proportion


the correct thing was 10 vs 20


Are you comparing the legendary Janissary, the Ottoman replacement of Handcannoneer unit in the roster (Ottomans do not have handcannoneer unit) that costs 100 GOLD, with a spearman?

Surreal, surreal.


what did you calculated here i didnt understand it

Jenisary has better bonus than streltsy against cavalry and better than hand gunners, what he has is 0.5 less range

search in goole media geometrica :wink:

Streltsy is so much better than Janissary in every way, even against cavalry (yes Janissary is worse even against cav). And Streltsy costs less gold lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I can’t believe I’m even reporting such things about an AoE game.


i mean i didnt understande what the numbers present there or are you trolling us

I proved it with data, you with nothing, I will not waste my time with you

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we talked you this streltsy thing before with you and with calculations we saw that they are better against cav and you didnt write anything after that

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Janissary costs 160, and takes 24 seconds, villager costs 50, and takes 20 seconds, that’s so hard, oh my gosh, we’re old people no

no you said something about spearman too it confused me

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ha refute my data right now, … you can’t

I’m literally rolling in laugh rofl. Is this guy real? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


bro when we were talking you didnt even know how much attack the janissary has here read this from janissary post
Streltsi has 42 attack whereas jans got 28 + 20 vs cav, they can do a max of 48 damage vs cav (6 more than streltsi), but they got 0.5 less range and 0.17 slowly attack speed.

This means that in 10 seconds streltsi will shoot 6 times and (not taking into account the speed buff stationary) jans would shoot 5 times. Total damage dealt for streltsi is 252 and for jans, vs cav is 240.

And streltsy has a 50 melee attack too

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ha, sure you are not mathematical, in equal resources Streltsi had 46 damage, in equal resources Janissary has 72 damage,

relating the attack speed continues to win the Janissary

refute that, bye

Watch the video @HasanIchess

Villager is like a Super Janissary in AoE4! It’s 100% stronger, fixes siege 100% faster, and costs zero gold while the famous elite Janissary soldier costs 100 gold!
And this is without Textiles for vils LOL :joy:

Do you deny these most basic facts?

This is correct.