Jannisaries shouldn't be like this ...They are absolute ''USELESS''

basically giving 100g to absolute weak unit seem pointless to me.They are fragile as dumb.Their range is blindly low. Their dps isn’t working fine…They can even be killed by infantry , few archers , surrounding cavalry , mangonels …Allmost everything. Most of the people i talked or watched casting have same feeling.
Here is the solution;
+Regular Jannis 4 range 20 dmg
+Elite ones 4.5 range 28 dmg
+Ranged dmg taken +%25 or just remove this negative debuff
or if you devs want jannis to trash gunpowder unit which is kinda cool too then , please lower their gold cost into 50 or 60.But then you should add standart HC’s to Ottos as well.


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