January PUP Feedback 2023

I’m not a fan of the English new unit skins, especially the king unit. It’s unfortunate HRE aren’t getting a new unit too. It would have been pretty neat to see a Ritterbruder, as I’d love to see a bunch of HRE Ritterbruder like this vs some Mongols and Rus. Many units throughout the game have vanilla skins I find really boring i.e. Landsknecht. We need more unique-ness! It seems like the opportunity to improve this is ignored continually too. It would be nice to have some new and unique hero’s in the editor at the minimum if this is never going to be addressed.

AOE2 DE has better looking units in my opinion…which is kind of sad in all reality

The game would be alot more interesting and much better from an aesthetic point of view with better unit skins with more detail. I’m sure I’m not alone in this opinion.England and HRE are the two civilzations I’d say that need unit skins improved heavily.



English Weapons for the king and Wingard units,

Please change the king to having a normal sized sword or any weapon that’s not two handed on horseback.

The Wingard footmen should have halberds or billhooks based on their Anti-Cavalry bonus, but the shield is too big for a two-handed weapon, I hope ya’ll address the design issue there, it either needs a two-handed weapon with armor to indicate missile defense and differentiate it from the MA or needs to lose the two-handed weapon to keep the shield.


Great to see the abbasid changes. I’d like if each wing could give something right when you age up.
For instance, to age up with the economic wing in the feudal age could give 200 wood.
Also, i think the trade wing could give a different numer of traders depending on the age. For example:
Feudal age: 3 traders
Castle age: 5 traders
Imperial age: 10 traders

For the military wing, what about giving you a bombard instead of 3 hancanoneers in the imperial age?

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I agree!

In my experience, bringing Khan to Kurultai to get the bonus damage is such stress and a waste of time. Khan got a more vital role than that. This is why I hated the Kurultai’s Khan requirement and I am glad that this update changed it.

What I think OP is Abbasid Camel units Anti-Cavalry aura. It reduces 25% attack damage all around, it got a huge radius, and is so superb. It will nullify cavalry units around Kurultai at its influence with just 1 camel unit and if they are many, Kurultai is useless. This is why it is overpowered. It should affect a small area and a few units.

It is a nice defensive boost.
French are weaker in this update.

I also want to see the Ottoman horse archer!
I am huge on any cavalry unit. Especially horse archers.

Yes, I agree!

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two issues I have found on PUP.

  1. the boar disappears from the minimap after it dies (more often than not) even if it’s still there.

  2. the sheep cannot be drag clicked into closer to the town center.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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The English King unit looks like a norman unit. Kite shield with a huge two handed sword lol. Please put a little more effort in on the skins please! Something along these lines (Henry V) but on horseback would be 100x better.

Why not have a few generated names too, like Henry V, Edward III, etc instead of just King? England needs a whole make over skin wise. The only units I think are decent is the Longbowman, Man at Arms, and Elite Knight. The rest are dreadful.


Yes to fixing the horrible tech tree layout. This is a priority for fast viewing tech tree while in multiplayer.

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LMAO What?? I need to see this, that’s just plain silly.
Meanwhile, this is Edward Longshanks model from AoE 2 DE


I always liked Edward Longshanks, it could double as Richard the Lionheart with a mod “change unit name” too. My favorite unit is Ulrich Von Jungingen in AOE2 DE. I wish we had a HRE version “Ritterbruder” in AOE4. I think all the civs are pretty decent unit skin wise, but find England and HRE lacking big time. HRE’s knights are pretty good, but beyond that…they’re vanilla looking.

The whole English King unit, needs redone for sure. I thought it was a joke when I first saw it.

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First of all thanks for the opportunity for the community to test new changes and give feedback!
Will there be a solution for Microsoft buyers to take part in PUPs in the future?
I think it is bad for the community to exclude Microsoft/XBOX players on these test opportunities. I see content creators having fun and testing the PUP. At the same time, I desperately want to try the new civs myself. I also wish I had known about the differences in PUP access before buying the Microsoft version of Aoe4.
If it is a problem with the server architecture, maybe you could think about doing a free weekend on steam with access to the PUP. This would also attract new players.

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you got it wrong i tried to say it is now giving bonus to bonus damage of the units too i think this is too powerful it should only give bonus to normal damage

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make the new „cheater“ ai serperate and keep the existing hardest ai in game.

work on the existing ai to make them more intelligent.


Hello Devs,

I’m still missing a key to only select all land-military units. Could you add one, please?

Thx in regard

  • Palisade wall health nerf is right but cost increase maybe a overkill

And all archers, horse archers, spearman hotkey.

My favorite change is the landmark specific unique units in Feudal (even Castle would work). Big fan of the Militia and King. I’m not going to climb to Imperial every game to unlock the Rangers/Royal Elephant/Trebu-chad. English are already played a lot so doing something like this for the other civs down the road would be epic.

All unique units should have a unique skin.

Hello, after updating to Beta via steam, I can’t play online. The message is:
The game faced an unexpected error communicating with the servers. Online modes including
Quick, Ranked, and Custom Matches may be affected.

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I’m sorry to say your assessment of the AI is just incorrect with the exception of one thing. The new AI should be renamed to “Impossible or Unfair” and keep the old Hardest AI the way it was, or tweek JUST the AI part of it and not have it cheat to the extreme.

Cheating by giving them straight up 2x resources is actually dense. It shows a severe lack of understanding by the devs.

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