Japan Homecity reset to 1 from 31, no more custom decks playable

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  • BUILD #: Latest
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

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I decided to add a 3rd deck to my Japanese homecity.
I copied the first and changed some cards.
I then saved everything and went to play multiplayer.
When I tried to play ranked, I saw my Japanese homecity was now level 1.
Restarted game and PC several times, no use.

So no biggy right, it’s just a number?
My custom decks were gone, so I had to make them a new.
Went into a game and those decks weren’t there, only the 3 basic ones (beginner, land and naval).

Issue: reset of homecity level and not being able of using custom decks anymore.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Copy a deck
  2. Make changes
  3. Save
  4. Everything goes to ■■■■

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

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I should’ve had 1 more custom deck

:arrow_forward: ACTUAL RESULT

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Lvl 1 homecity
No more custom decks for me

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  • n/a

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  • n/a