Japanese Torii Gates provides 1.5x XP multiplier instead of 1.6x

Hi everybody,
Japanese Torii Gates Wonder should give a multiplier to the XP. Some time ago it was buffed from 1.5x to 1.6x. However I noticed that 1.6x is applied only when you are creating new units. In case if killing enemy units old 1.5x is applied (for example 15 XP for every killed villiger or 75 XP for killed falconet).

Is it a bug or it is expected behavior? In game description I can see only information about 1.6x multiplier. I can provide screenshots or video with more info if needed.


you may want to move this to the report bug section to be sure. I dont think anyone besides the devs can answer that question.

Sure, for anyone interested here is the link to the ticket: