Japanese Treb repack nerf(unpacks just as fast, only nerfing the re-packing

Have the technology increase unpacking speed of the trebs as is while removing the effect from the packing portion so that they retain a weakness there when attempting to retreat from enemy units to safety.

That moment where you wake up and decide it’s time to nerf the worst of the 3 treb UT and share that thought with the internet.


More like wake up and make 5 threads instead of just making 1. on topic - yeah this doesn’t need to change at all, this is already weaker then both tatar and britons trebs as is. and furthermore trebs move so slow that almost any unit in the game can catch them. nvm what cavalry can do.


why tho? is it too strong? i really don’t think so. OP things should get nerfed, not some niche techs :slight_smile:


I don’t think this would even change much. I never even care about this upgrade in a typical ranked game, in the extremely rare occasion where a game even gets to imp. I’ve only found this tech useful in sudden death games, there it really does shine. Kind of a pointless balance change imho.