July Pup Notes

I love most of the changes, awesome update that adds a incredible new variety.

And I’m especially glad to seechanges/new things of many players proposed are here. And some with wich I’ve been a quite insistent:


[quote=“FiveWind6951746, post:1, topic:233274”]
Civilization bonus: Hitpoints increase per shipment is now +1% for ships and artillery (2% for everything else).
[/quote] (culvs and bows I said)

All buffs for weak shipments like grenadiers or Haud age 4 military shipments.Swiss piks in age II for Dutch. Some nerfs to otto tc´s, abus, delhis, rajputs, azaps (india), chinacos, bersagliere, AKs, etc…

I am really happy, so I will limit myself to requesting only 2 things that I think are really necessary:

- All resource gatherers that are considered “military” units (including natives like oldenburg hunters or priests that spawn res in communitary places) are not affected by the military unit rally point.

This is really frustating, especially with the Aztec / Inca priests and sans-culottes .

- Rods become archaic inf.

I would like to be able to use the conquerors of the card Reconquista in ranked.