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That is already in the ww1 era (1914-1918).

I know it’s wack to even imagine it, but since they didn’t continue with the timeline with AoE4, AoE3DE would be the best way to add another couple of years in the history of humanity…

If they were to go as far as 1918 (end of ww1, 21 years before ww2) they would have to create an age 6 in the age up…

It’ll need a lot of changes and new buildings though, since technology drastically boomed around that time; the artillery foundry wouldn’t even have enough space to include new pieces like the first of tanks (they kinda sucked, they were still used in ww1), and settlers, knights, natives, they would all look out of place with the current models…

It would really require as much effort as all the definitive edition DLCs combined, but it would kick a$$.

Also, how wack would it be to send an age II Hussar head first against an age VI tank hahahah



The Porfiriato started in 1876, well within the scope of the rest of the game. There’s no reason to believe it has to extend until the end of it.

It’s bad enough to try and reconcile Aztecs with the Napoleonic era, but even worse to try to square that with WW1.


I agree. It could be a DLC set in the time frame of the WWI and just like ROR dlc, it would have its own civs, perhaps only the most important at that time: Germany, UK, France, etc


Basic civs for game / or DLC for AoE 3 about Victorian Era & WW1:

  1. German Empire
  2. Austria-Hungary
  3. Ottoman Empire
  4. Bulgarian Tsardom
  5. Great Britain
  6. Italian Kingdom
  7. Russian Empire
  8. Belgian Kingdom
  9. France
  10. USA

You’d have to add Japan too, to cover the Meiji restoration!!!

I made a thread in Off Topic for talking about WW1+ AoE :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the Finland revolution, I’m pretty sure the revolution mechanic ≠ historical revolutions. At least, not any more. E.g. Canada never revolted. I think the Finland revolution (and maybe some others) are meant to be more “what-ifs”, or the idea of a unique culture inside a larger empire that could theoretically have become its own thing.

I really really doubt the Finland revolution is supposed to represent actual Finnish independance during the Russian Revolution and is more just about the “vibe” of the time and place.

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Actually, Canada did revolt and more than one time.

1837-1838: Rébellion des Patriotes → The Bas-Canada (actual province of Québec, mostly French Canadians) revolted against the british crown.

1837-1838: Rebellion of the Upper-Canada–> Same time but in the actual province of Ontario (English Canadians)

1869-1870: Rébellion de la Rivière-Rouge–> Metis resistance led by Louis Riel in the actual province of Manitoba


The last one was a rebellion against Canada, not by Canada. And there was a round two called the North-West Rebellion that was joined by the Cree and Assiniboine.


Yeah, I know. I was just giving some examples. I’m canadian btw :grin:

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I appreciate the feedback and will work on better comms going forward! :saluting_face:


Yes, I mean that the Chinese of AoE 4 only have 6 UUs, while those of 3 have more than 18 UUs…

Yes, exactly, AoE 3 goes as far back as WW1, but currently playable only goes as far as 1876 (the battle of Little Bighorn and the start of the Porfiriato)…

Yes, that’s why it would be better for AoE 5 or some other AoE; the gameplay of AoE 3 is not adapted for trench warfare, it would be better for a gameplay like EE, RoN, CoH 3, Battle of Empires: 1914-1918, The Entente: Battlefields WW1, Aggression – Reign over Europe and a long etc…

Battle of Empires: 1914-1918 (It’s like Men of War but in WW1)


The Entente: Battlefields WW1 (It’s like Cossacks but in WW1)



Aggression – Reign over Europe (It’s like Empire/Napoleon Total War but in WW1-WW2)



  • Finland’s flag is based on the one temporarily used by Finland from December 1917 to May 1918.
  • Finland’s availability to both the Russians and the Swedes reflect the fact that Finland was part of Sweden until 1809, and part of the Russian Empire as the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland until 1918.

Finland declared its independence on 6 December 1917. The formal Declaration of Independence was only part of the long process leading to the independence of Finland.

The Finnish Civil War [a] was a civil war in Finland in 1918 fought for the leadership and control of the country between White Finland and the Finnish Socialist Workers’ Republic (Red Finland) during the country’s transition from a grand duchy of the Russian Empire to an independent state. The clashes took place in the context of the national, political, and social turmoil caused by World War I (Eastern Front) in Europe. The war was fought between the Red Guards, led by a section of the Social Democratic Party, and the White Guards, conducted by the senate and those who opposed socialism with assistance late in the war by the German Imperial Army at the request of the Finnish civil government. The paramilitary Red Guards, which were composed of industrial and agrarian workers, controlled the cities and industrial centers of southern Finland. The paramilitary White Guards, which consisted of land owners and those in the middle and upper classes, controlled rural central and northern Finland, and were led by General C. G. E. Mannerheim.

(AKA the Finnish front in the Russian Revolution/Civil War)

  • Canada’s flag is based on early versions of the Canadian Red Ensign (after 1868).
  • Canada’s availability to both the British and the French reflects the fact that Canada was a French colony until it was ceded to the British in 1763.
  • Canada did not revolt against Britain, rather it gained independence through various acts of Parliament between 1867 and 1982. 1867, the year of Confederation, is considered the year when modern Canada was born.

Honestly, ww1 wouldn’t make much sense for an aoe game. WW1 was the graveyard of empires. It’s also a bit too modern in tech.


Empire Earth did it so I don’t see why not?..besides, empires have always been and always will be in human history…except Sweden, which has been neutral since the Napoleonic wars…all AoE 3 civs fought in both or in some world war…

I gave examples of rebellions. Canadians did revolt. Just because they didn’t gain independance through rebellion doesn’t mean they never tried.

Please stay on topic. This has been warned multiple times already. Next time I will close the topic.


Yes, I read it, but this says the aoe wikia, now I correct it on the page…

Ok, please wait until they release the patch and then close it if you want…

Today is the day… 20 char


Posted this yesterday. I really hope it comes out today :crossed_fingers:




What time of day do these updates normally drop?