June PUP- Lakota Rework

Lo se amigo, pero si no han cambiado ni a México en la campaña pues lo dudo, pero en todo caso espero lo tomen en cuenta

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No tiene sentido que lo hagan, ya que cambiaría por completo el escenario.

They could at least replace the flags since it’s obvious they’re able to do it.

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Of course, you change the Mapuche for Tehuelches and the Tupi for the Guarani…

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It is unlikely that they will put Canada, since it became independent only in 1867…


Easy, in the campaign is Ming (1368-1644) and in the multiplayer Qinq (1644-1912)…

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maybe. we said the same thing about usa before tho, and Canada was definitely a powerful colony for a large portion of the aoe3 timeline. Economic powerhouse with the fishing and trapping industries, early railways. i could see it happening, as long as it was framed as a british colony in some regard prior to the industrial age

Yes, but Canada is already very late, unless they put colonial Canada (1534-1867) with reminiscences of the French (1534-1763), the British (1763-1812) and already unique units proper of them (1812-1867)…British North America - Wikipedia


They could always extend the timeline

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I think Canada as a civ would be great way to make use of some of the underutilized north american natives(think klamath, huron(or native haud), nootka, cherokee,), maybe their roster can be a mix of european french units and natives, like the tomahawk or aenna, or even the state militia. Strong natural gathering that tapers off slightly lategame

Considering the Finland revolution,the timeline extends back to 1917 (they might even put the Bolshevik Revolution)…

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Yes, at least it would be a mixture between the French (the Canadian cours de bois), but they speak English like the British, and they would have American units…

Some countries already in the game as revolutions didn’t become independent until after World War II, but it seems most of them at least had a failed revolution during AoE3’s time frame


That’s not what Canada was at all. There was more conflict with the natives than cooperation. Klamath, Cherokee, and Iroquois aren’t even Canadian at all.

What you’re asking for here would be much better achieved by a Cree/Iron Confederacy civ.

Canada should have it’s revolution option improved but it should never be a full civ.


Wath are the tech upgrades and unit from the new minor native?

AoE3 wiki, tengri shrine

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Yes, if you mean Indonesia, you are right, they became independent in 1946, but they took up arms against the Dutch several times during the nineteenth century between 1803 and 1873…

Indonesia (revolutionary) | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom

Padri War - Wikipedia (1803-1837)

Java War - Wikipedia (1825-1830)

Aceh War - Wikipedia (1873-1903/1915)


No se que tan funcional podría ser, pero ahora los incas tienen la posibilidad de hacer un Rush mapuche dependiendo del mapa. :smile:

Tanks totally forgot about it

The new native needs a real shrine or a real trading post shrine fuction like generating like a japanese house shrine