Just a Thought: Boar with Muslim, and Cows with Indian civs?

For the sake of religious dietary laws, pigs are unclean for Muslims, whilst Hindus consider cows as gods, hence they don’t eat them.

What if, for any Islamic civ(Saracen/Turk/Persian/Berber/Tatar/Hindustani) present in a game, boars and pigs are removed and replaced with another aggressive huntable with sheep, and Bengalis/Dravidian/Gurjaras present in game, replace cow herdables with more forage bushes? Said civs cannot gather food from them if the mentioned animals above are slain.


Don’t go down this rabbit hole, it’s not a good idea to bring this kind of stuff from the real world into the game, it’s just going to cause gameplay issues. Besides, nobody’s been complaining about it for the past two decades, it’s not a big issue. It is just a game, and things won’t always be accurate.


If you feel so strongly about this, make a scenario/campaign where you can kill these prohibited animals but get a penalty or cannot harvest from them - with triggers.

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Just no.

Word limitation.


This is ridiculous. We don’t need politics to influence our games. Political neutral sometimes is the best way.

If you want that sort of thing play age of empires 4. This would ruin the balance of the game.


Beef is delicious and don’t get me started on boar.

We can consider that since hunting and herding is mainly in the dark and early feudal age, while monks don’t appear until the castle age, there simply isn’t anyone to tell the villagers not to eat certain animals.

It also would be very weird to see elephants or rhinos in an obviously european map…

An easy solution would be that said civs, instead of seeing pigs and cows could see an alternative model with alternative name could fit the biome.

That is all

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Small correction - They consider cows as “Sacred” and often compare with a mother, but not god.

100% right. However in game elephant and rhino are also not permissible for them.

That’s some great explanation.

Yeah, this should easily be solved with a mod, for instance replacing every cows with fat sheeps and every boar with rhino…

That would be if cattle spawned just next to the TC like in AOE3, but it spawns some distance away, found in the countryside.

It also keeps the question when you try to steal another players’ herdables.

If you want to roleplay in AoE then you can just not take cows or boar if youre playing those civs, if you want to play competitively then harvest the best resources at the optimal times, just like in real life those cultures took a small disadvantage to their neighbors when they restricted those animals from their diet

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A small fix for this wont hurt. Pigs could be seen as Goats and Cows as Water Buffalo while boar by another appropiate animal. Those animals share stats, same balance.

This changes would happen only for the player that it’s playing a muslim/hindu civ, so only client side.

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The original devs justified this by pointing out that these animals would typically only be killed in the Dark Age, when most of these religions wouldn’t even be founded yet, or wouldn’t be widespread.

In any case, it isn’t a big deal. These various animals are basically just cosmetic. They shouldn’t have an impact on gameplay.


The cosmetic mods affects the client or also the others players on MP?

They are local. Replacing the files that are locally loaded from your HDD.

Here’s the best explanation: religions forbid stuff because people can do stuff. So units from said civs could freely kill these animals.

But isn’t AOE3 this way? I remember japanese being unable to kill deer or something similar.

Best idea from a realistic standpoint.

As a muslim irl, I never hunt the boars… You can do like me )

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Yes, I’ve thought about doing challenges where I play certain civs and have to follow their religious dietary restrictions or other such restrictions. Like playing an Indian civ and not killing any animals at all.

Dark age in age2 probably starts before those religions existed. The game officially start to have religions in castle age, where you can start to make monastery.

Oh btw you should complain european Christians should get church instead of monastery, muslims should get mosque instead of monastery, but every civ in the game get monastery xD