Just another way of looking at mongol TC rush

There’s an upcoming tournament where the TC rush has been banned. Whether developers decided this was the way the civ had to be played. I think it is not broken nor a busted strat in anyway It is counterable and like the strat itself which is weird. You have to play different than the common 400 Food 200 gold rush into Feudal.

After some discussion I got to play 2 games against currently 2 HIGH level players.

1 vs League of legends > RTS

2 the other vs TOP KHAN. I will be uploading it tomorrow.

1st game I won as per I mostly do when I face a mongol and the 2nd one I lost as I tried to adapt the build.

What are your thoughts on this? can developers talk about the strat itself? DO they think it is too broken? What changes are coming in regards to it.

Just looking to add knowledge as I see many, but many people complaining about it.


I cant watch the video, it’s just not loading, is there something wrong with it?

It runs fine for me. What happens when you try to watch it?

Problem with this is that at the start you’re blindly idling vils/wasting resources building walls around your tc which can work if you know they’re gonna tc drop you but what happens when they decide to play normally? You’ll be behind and be on the backfoot due to using vils to make walls around your tc.


Ok, I could watch it by going to youtube. It’s how I imagined it would play by spamming walls to block mongol TC or houses. Still your TC barely escaped alive.
I still think it should be nerfed, besides the fact that it looks ridiculous, you have to keep in mind that it can ruin the experience for lower skilled players. Because I think it’s still way harder to pull that off as the defending player, than it is for the mongol attacker. So in lower skilled games mongol attacker could still pull it off easily, while the defender very likely wouldnt be able to do what you did in the video. Nerfing could be maybe done by applying a cooldown or/and a cost to the mongol TC redeployment, as well as speed decrease.


This video is priceless! What a great game …


Ideally you want to go scout as soon as possible to see if he’s going for that strat which is easy to notice. In case he’s not then you move vills from wood and play normal. Yes you’ll be a little behind but in the long run. Mongol late game is almost non existent


I don’t think this strategy needs to be nerfed, just because it caught some players off-guard. It’s literally the Persian Douche strategy from AoE2. It also reminds me a bit of the Hoang Rush in the way it shakes up the conventional meta and, in many ways, is kind of anti-meta? Personally, I love it when RTS games aren’t so constrained and limited that it allows for some thinking outside side the box. There are already videos up on YouTube on how to counter this strategy.


It is not the Persian Douche. Persians can’t relocate their TC at will without cost.


It’s banned because it’s not an intended strategy. It’s an oversight, and a failure of the developers for getting through. You aren’t supposed to have to play the Mongol civ so different from all the others, and saying “but you can manage it if you know how” doesn’t make the problem a non-issue. All players must prep especially for this broken race.

Sure, you can do things like sheep micro and building walls in non-sensical places to try to prevent decent spots to build, and the mongolians have so much room for error, as you have little. Hearing the position of “people just need to get good” on the topic loses a lot of respect from me.



I agree 100% with you. Very well explained.


I cant wait to try that in ranked

Here is a video about Mitoe defeating TopKhan’s optimized Douche strategy. Since he only builds the palisade foundations, he could abort them to gain his wood back if he wanted.

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Good point, maybe it should cost them something to pack up and move but i do think the speed of the moving tc is way to fast. If they do something about the speed upgrade it will be fine.

Its like a car with that upgrade and I really think these type of units should not be faster than infantry/ villagers in general.

Thank you. I didn’t know about this video, I’ve known mitoe for a long as we come from the same game. And he made the build much better than I’ve been making it. You see with knowledge like this and people collaborating towards countering such play. In time you’ll that the TC rush is no as strong as it is.

I have to add that there seems to be a bug with the TC speed with the upgrade, But even if that get fixed. You could still get the TC next to yours and if you don’t play as mitoe did or I did then you’ll be facing the same problems.


Is there any source for this?

Check elite gaming discord, Where they have uploaded rules. Their handbook 1.3 shows the rule

What if he just plays fast feudal instead of douching? You did a blind counter to it, what if he just scouts it and plays standard?

This is my issue with this. To counter it you have to do a suboptimal opening without the possibility to scout for it. By opening like this against a mongol playing standard you set yourself behind


I disagree completely with the premise of this post. How is it not broken if the only way to beat it is to blind counter it or already know the opponent is going to do it before the game even starts?

And even then, the skill/effort required to beat it is far higher than it is to win with this rush. Whenever it gets patched the people abusing this to climb the leaderboard are going to start getting destroyed due to their inflated ELO.

On top of all that it’s already been demonstrated that this rush is only possible due to a bug that makes the TC far faster than it’s supposed to be so it’s clearly more powerful than the devs intended:


I had a lot of fun playing against the Mongol TC rush (despite losing), knowing that it was going to happen. Another way to tell whether you might face the TC rush is to check match history of your opponent - if they have a high win percentage, mostly play Mongols, and/or have short game durations, the opponent will attempt the TC rush.

The Mongol TC rush definitely needs to be fixed, as there is no way that this was intentional. The TC rush is also a great way to turn new or casual players off from online play. Rankings won’t separate new players from this, because even low level players can pull off this TC rush and is frustrating to lose to.